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No new Lex and Lionel scenes together, Tess-Lex scene in Smallville finale

Monday, April 25th, 2011

TV Line has posted a scoop on the series finale about the wedding guests and the Luthors.

The truth is now out there: Lois and Clark will be heading for a wedding when the CW series’ grand finale airs May 13, and TV Guide Magazine has a first-look photo from the ceremony. I can now tell you that with the big day promising big drama, Clark should be content to know that not only will his mother, Martha (played by Annette O’Toole), be on hand for the ceremony, but so will dad Jonathan (John Schneider)  – talk about your very special guests! Speaking of curious finale reunions, I see that many fans are expecting the returning Lex to have at least one scene with his also-”resurrected” father, Lionel. Alas, a source tells me that although John Glover is in the series finale, he and Michael Rosenbaum in fact did not get to shoot any new scenes together.

Also, E! Online has posted something about the Tess and Lex scene in the finale.

ginnytwin: You were kind enough to provide Smallville spoilers last week, so how about some more?

Your wish, our command. Cassidy Freeman is super excited about her scene with Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) in the finale, and she thinks you should be too! “Their scene is epic,” she tells us giddily. “But I think even if we were just having tea and crumpets it would be epic, because we have never met before.”

Smallville Finale First Look: The Wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Monday, April 25th, 2011

TV Guide has posted an exclusive first look of the series finale of Smallville. As seen in this exclusive photo, Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois Lane (Erica Durance) head to the chapel — but there’s drama along the way.

“It’s a veryverylong walk down that aisle,” teases executive producer Kelly Souders. “There are some good moments, some heart-wrenching moments and some surprising moments at their wedding.”

Souders says that “if you keep your eyes open you’ll see a few familiar faces” in attendance, including Ollie (Justin Hartley) as the best man and Chloe (Allison Mack) as the matron of honor. “They’ve always been there for our beloved couple and they will be all the way to the end.”

Given that this is the final episode, should viewers be concerned that Clark may not get to kiss the bride and seal the deal? “I think fans will be pleased with how things turn out,” Souders says, “but it’s never what you expect. I will just say that there are moments directly before and after this photo that, even seeing the footage for the 50th time, I still get a little teary.”

This week’s Smallville is Golden, best Clois scene ever

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

TV Line has posted an article why this week's episode is necessary for Clark fulfilling his destiny.

There are enough references to the “Man of Steel” — including a smartly framed shot of Clark in front of just such a billboard — to give Zack Snyder hives.

Once the Gold dust settles, Clark and Lois kick back on a couch to rehash the import of Booster’s visit and the world’s need — sooner rather than later – for an “invisible” Clark Kent and an accountable “Blur” (or, as Booster suggests for a name, something that “starts with that ‘S’ you wear”). As I tweeted, yes, Welling knows how to direct the hell out of a low-light Lois close-up. And yes, at one point shirt buttons go a-flyin’. But the real beauty of the sequence lays in an unexpected yet rather understandable question that Clark raises, and the way Lois reacts to it. Then, for good measure, there is the way that they as a couple react to her reaction, heh….

15 Images from Smallville “Prophecy”

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The CW has released 15 images from the second to the last ever episode of Smallville –  “Prophecy.” They feature the supersuit and Lois and Clark in the Fortress of Solitude.

Prophecy” is written  by Bryan Q. Miller & Anne Cofell Saunders and directed by Mike Roh.

Click here for the gallery!

Lois & Clark’s Relationship on “Smallville”

Monday, April 18th, 2011

E! Online has posted a couple of scoop on the growth of Lois and Clark’s relationship.

_Blenz_: Any spoilers about my fav dynamic duo Clark and Lois! Any cool scenes that are coming up that would make me SQUEE & pass out?
Prophecy” is the episode for you! It’s a big episode for Clois. Lois (Erica Durance) will be getting Clark’s (Tom Welling) powers, but it’s more than just an excuse to see her kick some ass. “It’s kind of funny because we were trying to figure out what the last thing would be that would help their journey to really deserve to be together and really understand each other,” EP Kelly Souders tells us. “And that was an idea that came out of the writer’s room: to give her powers. Lois learns a lot from it, a lot of it good, some of it bad.”

TourOfTheGalaxy: I need some juicy details about Clark and Lois. I’ll take anything you have to have something! Pretty please!
Nothing we love more than polite Spoiler Chat questions! Kelly reveals that Clois fans should definitely pay attention to the episode titled “Dominion,” especially for those interested in Lois’ development. “Clark [goes] up against Zod, and Zod plays a critical role in this episode. [But] Lois has an important journey in that episode becoming Lois Lane.” Cassidy Freeman also promises us some scenes coming up involving Lois finally becoming part of the In Crowd. “We do have a really cool episode where it’s up to both Clark and I to realize that Lois is part of the team,” she says. “It’s difficult for us to remember to share the same information with her because she has been “out” for so long and we do.”

Will Lois and Clark Really Get Married?

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

As Smallville gears up for its final journey towards Clark Kent’s destiny, Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) will prepare to walk down the aisle in the series finale. But will they actually make it to “I do”?

The wedding “tests their relationship, and they both separately get put through the wringer,” executive producer Kelly Souders tells TV Guide. “At the end of the day, with everything that they’re juggling in their lives, the question is whether or not they feel like getting married is really the most responsible thing.”

“It’s just the reality of weddings,” Souders says. “There’s always drama, and in fact, there is, a lot of times, way more drama offscreen than you could ever portray onscreen. As far as the two of them go, [weddings] always bring up issues, not only with the people getting married, but the people around them, and it will definitely have an effect on everyone.”

Smallville returns with fresh episodes Friday at 8/7c on the CW. The two-hour series finale airs Friday, May 13.

Jor-El’s gift, super-powered couple Clois

Monday, April 11th, 2011

With Great Power Comes…. | When “Smallville”‘s Lois gets introduced to the AI incarnation of Clark’s bio-dad in the episode preceding the May 13 series finale, it’s not a moment taken at all lightly. After all, says show runner Kelly Souders, “Meeting the soon-to-be in-law is not always the easiest moment in a person’s life!” But things must go somewhat well, since (as TVLine first reported) Jor-El will bestow upon his son’s would-be bride superpowers for a day. “To walk a mile in Clark’s shoes teaches Lois a few things” — one of which is to be very wary of Kryptonians bearing gifts. As Souders teases, “Every little gift from Jor-Eel has some consquences….” – TV Line

davidkretschmar: Smallville scoop? Lois and Clark: Super-powered couple?
Ha! Super-powered couple. We see what you did there. We’ll have an extensive Q&A post with writer/producer Kelly Souders about the end of Smallville later this week, but for now just know that she promised fans that they’ll be happy with all the moments in the season finale, and that includes the Lois and Clark ones.

CloisForever23: Can we please get some Clois scoop? #Smallville
We bugged Kelly about finally seeing Lois and Clark make it down the aisle, and while she insisted she had to keep her lips tightly zipped on that subject, she did offer this: “We will certainly be seeing a lot of white, taffeta, some silk and some flower boutonnières and all that sort of stuff.” Sounds like things are about to get fancy! – E! Online

First Look at Smallville “Prophecy”

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Family drama on Smallville

Getting engaged is a big deal – even for the Man of Steel. And so, on the May 6 episode of Smallville, Clark Kent (Tom Welling) takes his new fiancee, Lois Lane (Erica Durance), to the Fortress of Solitude in order to break the news of his impending nuptials to his biological father, Jor-El, the tough-loving Kryptonian. “It’s a very sweet, romantic scene that has a little surprise in it,” teases exec producer Brian Peterson. When Jor-El sets out to teach the pair a lesson, Lois and Clark “find themselves kind of living a day in each other’s shoes.” As the show nears the end of its 10-season run, Peterson notes, “it should leave people very excited about our [May 13] finale.” – Sandra Gonzalez


Kelly Souders Weighs In on Weddings, Clark’s Destiny & the Series Finale

Friday, April 8th, 2011

TV Squad caught up with Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders and discussed with her the long-awaited return of Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), what’s in store for the show’s most enduring couples and what fans can expect from the final episodes. Here are the highlights, beware of SPOILERS.

I’m sure you’re trying to keep all of the details about Lex’s scenes under wraps, but what can you tease about Michael Rosenbaum’s return?
It was just a blast. It was really wonderful to have him back; he’s full of energy and he just — in my mind — has created such a lovable and hateable character at the same time, which is a real feat. So, yeah, seeing those dailies come in was exciting, to put it mildly.

A lot of characters have been married on the show before, so how did you tackle Clark and Lois’ wedding, and how do you intend to make it different from what we’ve seen before?
Well, you know, actually, what’s interesting is that Peter Roth, who’s the head of television at Warner Bros. — and I really don’t think there’s a bigger fan of ‘Smallville’ than Peter Roth. He’s just fantastic — he actually had a lot of impact on the wedding. Really, it was a meeting that we had with him that kind of helped Brian and I go off into the creative direction that we did. I think that what we tried to do is just sort of stay true to who they are as characters. It’s a little bit of a different wedding than we’ve seen; it’s certainly them.

Can you talk about Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha’s (Annette O’Toole) role in the final two episodes?
Yeah, I think it was very important for Brian and myself that we pay tribute to not only what the show has become over the years, but also sort of what was the heart of the show at the beginning. I think for us, when it started out, this was really a family show, and I think that Martha and Jonathan’s impact on Clark and the series was certainly monumental. So, paying homage to that and showing that they still have a place in his life, even though it has perhaps changed, was something that was very important to us.

Click here for the full interview!

Brian Peterson: We’re not really promising a wedding at this point

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Smallville executive producer Brian Peterson tells EW that there will be no wedding but there will be preparations right up to the finale.

“We’re not really promising a wedding at this point,” he teased. “But definitely they are preparing for a wedding, right up until the finale.”

“What we really tried to do is create a finale that pretty much stands on its own for anybody who has ever watched any episode of Smallville, to tune in and watch the finale. And for the hardcore fans that have seen every episode, there are a lot of little nuggets and little payoffs all along the way,” he said. “That’s been our goal for the finale.”

Bonus finale tease: The barn gets a final bow. “I won’t say who’s in the scene, but there is one final scene that we shot in the barn, and we literally wrapped that set afterward. It’s still standing, but it was the last time anyone ever shot anything in the barn for Smallville, which — just that moment, given everything we’ve all put into this show, was a really emotional moment for me and for I think everybody in the scene,” he said.

Click here for the full article!


Clark’s transformation, best wedding present ever

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

EW has posted a little something from Brian Peterson about the finale.

Smallville! Will we finally get to see Tom Welling in the “suit”? There are rumors that they have filmed substantial scenes of him in the tights for the last minutes of the series. — Wade
That would be a huge spoiler, of course, and you can understand why Smallville is locking its doors as we move closer to the finale. But I will, however, point you to a little something exec producer Brian Peterson told me last week about the finale: “At the heart of [every episode] is a very important step in Clark’s journey,” he said. “[So] while the finale wraps up storylines with the other characters, it is very, very much about Clark and his big moment of transformation.” Catch that? Key word: transformation.

TV Line tells us that Terence Stamp won’t be appearing as Jor-El and something about a wedding present.

As a longtime fan of Smallville, I’m dying to find out if Jor-El will turn up before the final curtain. Will Clark reconnect with his long-lost father? —Wade
I hear Terrence Stamp turned down an offer to appear in the flesh, but you’ll once again hear his voice in the penultimate episode when the Superman icon gives Lois the Best. Wedding. Present. Ever: Clark’s powers for a day.

Smallville Scoop: Lois and Clark’s Big Day!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

TV Guide‘s Natalie Abrams talks to Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders about the Lois and Clark relationship.

Now that Smallville‘s Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) are engaged, it’s only a matter of time before wedding bells will be ringing, right?

While the producers remain cagey on whether we’ll see an actual wedding before the series ends, an upcoming episode will feature a pivotal moment for one of the most iconic couples in history.

“There will be a big day for them,” executive producer Kelly Souders tells

“They’re going to have a big moment in their relationship,” executive producer Brian Peterson adds. “This last run is about not only his identity as Clark Kent and his growing identity as a hero, but also his identity as a potential husband. That is as much of who he is as a hero.”

Now that they’re engaged, the dynamic of their relationship will certainly change. “It’s one thing to be a boyfriend, but when you start really sitting down and looking at the day-to-day life of a married couple, it gets a lot more complicated,” Souders says. “The pressures come to more of a boiling point over the last course of the season.”

Those pressures include Lois being in the shadow of the Man of Steel. “I don’t know that I would want to date Superman,” Peterson jokes.

“That’s a hard shadow to be in, but luckily Lois Lane is not one to stick to the shadows,” Souders says.

The intrepid reporter will use her skills at the Daily Planet to help distinguish herself. “She will try to step out in certain ways on her own and a lot of that is through her career,” Peterson says. “She has her own destiny as a journalist, so we really want to highlight that.”

Smallville returns Friday, Jan. 28 at 8/7c on the CW.

No wedding on ‘Smallville’?

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Executive producer Brian Peterson previously confirmed that Clark and Lois would get engaged, but claimed that it was “too soon” to say if the pair would wed on-screen. Al Septien has suggested that the final season of the show will not feature a wedding episode. Responding to fan queries on Twitter, Septien recently hinted that the couple were unlikely to exchange vows in the series finale.

“We married Chloe and Jimmy, and that didn’t end well so they probably won’t give us any more weddings to write,” he quipped. The writer also revealed that the show’s production team had begun work on the “epic” final episode. “We have big plans [but] let’s see if we can afford them,” he said.

Smallville continues on Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Digital Spy

Familiar faces, Clark-Lois moment

Monday, November 29th, 2010

E! Online has posted tidbits about what’s upcoming in Smallville. Again, nothing new… we already know this. Boohoo!

@Maddieville (via Twitter): Anything about Clark’s arc in Smallville, not romance related? Thanks.
Smallville bosses Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson tell us the second half of the season will really round out Clark’s journey. Says Kelly, “We’ll see some familiar faces again, and as we’ve always said, Clark has to get closer and closer to being Superman. We’ll be seeing little hints about that throughout the rest of the season. Adds Brian, “There’s also a wink to a Clark-Lois moment in episode 12 (airing early 2011) that the fans have been screaming for!” Bring a throat lozenge. And oops, sorry, crap. That was romance-related, wasn’t it? Yipes. And so is the photo I just selected?! Bad TV diva, bad!

A pretty amazing payoff for Clois fans

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Anyone who saw Friday’s episode knows that Clark has something in his hands and E! Online’s Kristin confirms he totally will put a **** on it! Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson tells us more about it. Spoiler ahead.