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‘Smallville’ Experts Discuss The Series Finale And What’s Next For Fans!

MTV talks the Smallville experts, including Smallville PH, about the series finale and what’s next for all of us, fans.

Click here for the full article with the video!

Thanks to Rick Marshall for this opportunity. And sorry I couldn’t do it myself but I am really happy Dan was able represent Smallville PH for me. Cheers!

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    Superman with Tom Weller!!! The world needs Superman now. A T. V. series true to the comics the baby boomers grew up reading would catch on big time. The world needs the “true” Superman now! The Smallville finale was extraordinary. It was everything 10 year long fans have been waiting for, dreamin for, for 10 years. Let’s start a movement to make it happen. Tom Weller has been quoted saying if the fans want more they have to make it known, How about coordinating a world-wide campaign to a demonstrate that a T.V. Superman series, with Tom Weller, would be a huge hit!!!

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    I am new member, hello everybody !

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    Всем хорошего времени суток! Кто знает где можно заказать травянистые пионы с доставкой?

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