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Kelly Souders talks about the return of Lex Luthor & Supergirl, Booster Gold and more

Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders talked to IGN about what’s to come in the final episodes, including the return of Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort) and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), the introduction of Booster Gold and more.

Fans are very curious to see Lex’s return and what he and Clark’s relationship is like when he does.
Really, the focus has been about how these two guys have impacted each other’s lives. And I think, starting in the pilot, realizing how it was always just such a twist on the way we always imagined them, as mortal enemies. And in fact, they showed up in the pilot as something quite different. I think in the finale, what our goal was, is obviously we’re launching them towards the future, where they are going to be mortal enemies. But what we didn’t want, was to make their last interaction something that was just a catfight between them. So we go one step further I think, in showing how they will impact each other, in making the greatest hero and the greatest enemy we’ll ever know.

We’re going to be seeing Kara again soon. Last time, she was trying really hard to get her cousin to fly. Might she help give him that last “boost” he needs, as it were?
I’ll just say that he doesn’t need that last boost from her. I think the thing that becomes very clear is that she, in her final episode, really has her own destiny.

A path away from Clark?
Yeah. Supergirl becomes Supergirl and not Superman’s cousin.

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