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    Wow, I can’t wait 2 see the last 2 episodes of Small ville… I hope that there’s going to be a season 10…Or maybe more….

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    smallville is very good I watch here in Brazil

    is a very good series / is a television station wants to win my audience simply broadcast the series smallville

    even more Americans

    Brazil is in the area

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    Smallville (moar like SHITville) was the DAMNATION for Superman Fans…
    Shitville DESTROYED the work of John Byrne and DESTROYED his legacy for winning some audience and getting to more girls… This Clark Kent IS A MAYOR FAGGOT!!!!

    Thanks Thor the series IS ending, hope it’s FOR GOOD…

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    smallville was like a family to me,i never missed the program.this is the best season ever on earth,its really hard to say bye.what will one be watching now.

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