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Death Hits Smallville — And More Spoilers from the Final Episodes

Executive producer Kelly Souders tells TV Guide that amidst this turmoil, there will be casualties. She dishes on what else destiny has in store, including a fun departure for Lois. Here are the highlights.

Clark is on the precipice of becoming Superman.  How will we see that come to fruition in the last few episodes?
Oh, through a few trials and errors and successes. Literally the journey isn’t over until the very last step.

Clark has a few enemies to take on before the end of the series (Darkseid, Lionel, Lex and Zod). It seems like he’s taking on a lot in just six episodes.
And I think that is honestly a bit of what his dilemma becomes, which is he is so focused on becoming the man he knows he is supposed to become that he’s kind of living in the future, to be honest, and so it’s really about how do you become that person that you know you’re destined to become. That’s really the question circling him.

With all those battles coming up between him and the big bads, should we expect any casualties in the last six episodes?
There are definitely some casualties, but it’s not necessarily people.

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