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    i’m a huge fan of smallville, the fog, cheaper by the dozen-1 and 2! but may you please be charlie baker again? because i made a script for the 3rd movie and i want someone to call me back or write to me. its!

    Zachary Costa
    12 Larchmont Drive
    Nashua, NH 03062

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    i need you, Piper Perabo, Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Hilary Duff, Alyson Stoner, and more to write me back, please? and it is ok to vistit here in Nashua, NH, too!

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    eu amo essa série

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    Thank you Lex!! We missed you!

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    Finally! I hate to say this but Lex Luthor just made my day! Thank you Mr. Rosenbaum.

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    Obrigado Smallville !!! Hey Boy;

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    im so glad u decided to make a comeback, i missed ya lex. smallville seemed empty without ya <3 welcome back for the last time :3

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    FINALLY! I almost died when I read this! I wonder what concessions they had to make for him to come back? I’m really glad he’s nice enough to do it for the fans.

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    Always the best cnonett from these prodigious writers.

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    P4Z3nE oyksjjmnzmzy

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