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    Not to mention I couldn’t agree more with your analysis of Collateral! Brilliant Review!

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    Hey Dan,

    always enjoy your reviews. Even though I don’t always agree, your opinions are always well-founded and well-documented. I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode either. We waited 10 years for Clark to fly and we finally see it in a great shot….except it’s fake!?!? Thank God for Lois Febre’s amazing score. Even a filler episode has great background music thanks to him. And I couldn’t agree more…Smallville has no time for fillers. It would have been nice to Clark fly for real just like we waited for him to in a scene earlier this season.

    Great review as always and I look forward to them with each remaining episode.

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    The best thing about this episode, was the absolutley FABOULOUS tips of how to cope with this episode hahahahahahaha. Awesome caps.

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    Always love reading your reviews. Great one, Dan! I think we all feel the same way about this episode.

    I didn’t know that jumping off the building concept was a from “Vanilla Sky”. lol

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    I knew your Collateral review would come out in a few days time. Friday’s near so you don’t want to cram up your reviews then. Hahaha…

    So in-depth as usual, Dan! You’re reading my mind on this episode.

    I thought that the flying was kind of a way to pull the episode together… but apparently, it did not. I was also hoping at the closing of the episode, Clark could’ve tried flying and see if he can truly fly in the real world (remembering what Chloe said, “you think you’ll die, you will”). It turns out, I was left with my jaw dropped.

    Looking forward to your next reviews, Dan! Good job!

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    Personally, I loved this episode and it’s one of my favorite of the season so far. Yet, I appreciate that unlike other fans you defend your opinion in a clear and respectful way. You DO NOT know how much I absolutely love you for that. *hugs*

    Something I do agree with? The “two-cIicks-and-booyah” move Dinah pulled – on a DP computer of all things – left me dumbfounded. I was also thankful that someone other than Lois got knocked out for a change. I’m sorry you didn’t like the episode, but either way those captions were HILARIOUS.

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    Don’t be so hard on yourself Dan. This was an atrocious episode on so many levels, it just makes you want to throw something at the TV.

    I think you summed up all the grievances pretty well however, have you noticed how Smallville has a habit of giving returning former regulars handguns and making them so much more violent (think Martha and the red queen). Chloe was quite frankly disgusting in this episode for her totally amoral behaviour. Not much further behind was Black Canary with her death penalty vitriol.

    Don’t get me started on the flight scene… the only positive thing I can think of about it was its homage to the flight scene from Crusade. The writers are really scraping the barrel when they fake a flight scene with 7 hours of show left in a Matrix style rip-off.

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    I agree with you. The biggest problem that I am seeing with this final season is that everything has been said or done before. Even in last nights episode, it was like deja vu. However, I have invested nine years of my life into this show, and I plan on seeing it through to the very end.

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