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    Michael Rosenbaum MADE Smallville what it was. don’t get me wrong, every character is very important but going around the story mentioning him (lex) and not actually having him in the show made for a dissapointing few seasons. I understand his shaved head/cold weather issue but i think the show should have worked with him a little more. FANTASTIC to see him coming back for the finale!!! (clap clap clap)

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    i can’t wait for the finale it’s going to be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    by the way this is the picture i wanted to put

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    hope Clark learns how to fly before finale + wears real Super man suit since the WB powers that be made us wait 10 seasons to see Superman on tv movie that came out in 2006 should not have happened should have been Smallville in theaters between season 4 + 5 have watched since the begining but Clark should have became Superman + learned how to fly many seasons ago Kara was on season 7 she could fly

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    Am I the only one bummed about them taking two episodes for the finale? i mean its awesome its gonna be 2 hrs but we couldn’t get 22 full episodes with a bonus hour or something to finish? Either way I can’t wait but I was curious if I was the only one with that thought……. gonna miss this show!!

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    Is Allison Mack coming back for the Finale? It said on Smallville Wiki that she was. I hope so…

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    The season finale……a ultimate legendary episode…..they really should bring the Super Suit….as along with flight powers……what do you all think?

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    smallville es lo mejor hagan una pelicula con los actores originales de la serie por que las nuevas peliculas de Superman son un fiasco las mejores son con christofer reves y con la tecnologia de ahora una pelicula de Superman caracterizado con los actores de Smallville seria un verdadero exito si continuaran la serie en peliculas hasta luego

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    Michael Rosenbaum es y sera el mejor Lex luthor de la Historia y Crhristofer (RIP) y Tom los mejores para el rol de Superman

    los demas actores no se quedan atras y allison mack seria estupenda en una pelicula de superman

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    I don’t think I am ready to end this 10 year relationship. I hear it’s a movie in the making but no Tom Welling.

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    I think this is ganna be the best Season Finale but ima miss watching Smallville every friday :/ but I LOVE SMALLLVILLE 🙂 <3

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    i love this show and cant wait till the finale

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    I’ve always been a Batman fan, always will. However, Smallville has made me a fan of Superman through the ones who’ve created these characters in their(the cast) image. Tom has done a wonderful job with the cards he was dealt. Bravo Smallville, you will forever be missed.

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    am gonna miss smallville alot

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    Never thought I would like Smallville, but after watching the first season the show started to grow on me & now that it’s over with i’m going to miss it.

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    Can’t wait for it, It will be epic, believe me people 😀 but also I don’t wait for it that much because after that there will be no more 🙁

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    i am a 63 year old guy who has watched smallville from the begining and a fan of the superman movies
    i would love to see clark if not in the begining of the show at the last 4 minutes be in the superman outfit
    as we all know who followed smallville clark in the comics he was first superboy then superman so to end the show on a great memoriable evening would be seeing clark in the suit once and for all

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    Superman with Tom Weller!!! The world needs Superman now. A T. V. series true to the comics the baby boomers grew up reading would catch on big time. The world needs the “true” Superman now! The Smallville finale was extraordinary. It was everything 10 year long fans have been waiting for, dreaming for, for 10 years. Let’s start a movement to make it happen. Tom Weller has been quoted saying if the fans want more they have to make it known, How about Smallville.com coordinating a world-wide campaign to a demonstrate that a T.V. Superman series, with Tom Weller, would be a huge hit!!!

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    Wow, I’ve read a lot of negative reviews of the finale on the web – and am disappointed with the way people responded to it. I doubt that the cast actually reads most of that stuff – but if they do, I hope they know that the quiet majority do NOT feel that way. If you want to find the challenges with an effort I guess you can find it. I thought it was incredible – yes, some of the effects weren’t the highest tech – but like others said – that isn’t what the show was about. It’s the interplay between the characters and Clarks realization of his destiny. I think the cast/writers/producers did a marvelous job and thank all of them for a wonderful concept, and ten great years of watching it unfold.

    I will truly miss looking forward to watching this show every week – and would LOVE to see it continue in some way/shape/form.

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    My biggest problem with the finale was that it didn’t `soar’. I’m not sure the director and scriptwriters were up to the task in the end. I loved Lex’s return and Michael Rosenbaum’s performance was very, very good.

    I got all the resolution stuff and liked it but it’s like they edited too much out when it came to him becoming Superman. Maybe it was budget limitations. But the climax needed shots of Superman close up, pushing Darkseid’s planet away from Earth. It was all done at a distance and out of frame so there was no empathy to what was happening or why the people on the ground should suddenly feel so inspired that they loose their `Dark Marks’. It was just a whole bunch of stuff that happened.

    After all these years building up to this moment, it just wasn’t big enough. As viewers we should have been jumping off our couches and punching the air in triumph, instead al we got was – meh.

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    I have watched smallville from the very beginning. I have always been and forever will
    be a superman fan. It saddens my heart to see smallville come to an end. I’d love to see
    it continue through another series like supergirl with laura vandervoot. Since NBC cancelled
    the new wonder woman series, there is nothing like smallville. The Cast and Team of
    directors did a great job. I will miss smallville on Friday nights. Long live the superman

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    I have watched all the series and I have learned alot of things of how to become a hero. I have always been and forever will be a superman fan. If theres one thing I have learned is that ” you shouldn’t give up on hope and the people you care about”. So I hope you guys continue with the series and since I don’t have a hero. So the person I want to look up to is you as my hero.

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    la final uff………. con todo pero ps q mal q ya se acabe …….. smallville siempre fue…..es….y……sera la mejor serie de warner bros…….mm….y the cw es lo maximo y …………..erika durans …eres lo maximo jejejejejejejeje

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    uff…. la funal ….simpletente …exelente …………..smallville siempre a sido ………es …………..y sera…………la mejor serie del mundo……………..it´s perfect………

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    smallville the series could not end I liked most
    for me it was the best series of all time I even a fan of fis best series in the world visit it

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    small ville should not just end there it should continue till season 12 we need more cos we are getting crazy about it

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    small ville should not just end there it should continue till season 12 we need more cos we are getting crazy about it please continue and don’t change the actors and actrees

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    i love green arrow he is my best actor, super hero and mentor that’s why i love small ville please oliver or justin talk to the directors

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    To all the cast and crew of Smallville, I have been watching the series since the first episode alongside my teenage boys, in fact it was the boys who got Mum or aka (Mom) hooked. I am a single mother and work, study and look after my kids and for the past nine and ten years you have been my life line and entertainment and support particularly when times seemed bleak. I genuinely looked forward to each Friday night to watch all of my favorites and yes Clark (alias) Tom is pretty easy to look at and I love Lois (Erica) she is gorgeous and the chemistry they have on screen is magical, I was so devastated to hear that Smallville was no longer going to be a part of my household it just is going to feel a lot more emptier without all of you beautiful guys and gals, you all brought a smile and sense of hope even if it was not real. I hope that you can push for another season or make a come back some how, I think the fans will be forever greatful, I realise you all have families and lives to fulfill but I like to send all my best wishes and may all of you have wonderful full lives.

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    Never thought I would like Smallville, but after watching the first season the show started to grow on me & now I really can’t believe there won’t be anymore Smallville

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    When Smallville ended I needed 3 things to happen to make it worth the ride. Seeing Tom Welling wearing the suit was NOT one of those things. It’s never been about the suit, it’s always been about the journey…rising to the challenges set before you and persevering against all odds and self doubts. The character of Clark Kent as written on this show and portrayed by Tom Welling did just that on a regular basis. I have missed Smallville over the past year and hope that (eventually) another show will come along with the same type of feel and impact.
    Now as to what I needed for the series to end in spectacular fashion:
    1. Clark had to fly…………………………………………………………………………………………………Check.
    2. The John Williams theme had to be playing at the end of the show………………Check.
    3. Clark had to, at some point, do what all the actors who played Superman in the past have done going all the way back to Kirk Allen in the 1940’s Saturday serials. Loosen his tie and pull open his shirt to reveal the “S”……………………………………………………………………..CHECK!!!!
    Tom Welling doing that while the movie theme played caused me to cheer.

    Thank you to all who were involved with Smallville.

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    loved every minute of Smallville, unfortunately, I haven’t watched the finale!!!!

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    Watching Smallville was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I think the connection Smallville fans feel with Clark/Tom is mutual which is what makes this a wonderful show. My only regret is not starting the show sooner, however watching it later did have its perks. I got to watch the show continuously instead of having to wait for 10 years. Smallville was something I looked forward to and now that it is over, I feel like I’m missing something.

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