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    All they have to do is to suggest a decent price. I think they are so greedy they are not ready to pay Michael any more than another guest star. This is what matters.

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    “You can go back to drinking beer and eating chicken wings with Cheech and Chong right after, I promise.”

    that made me lol, i follow his twitter too. haha 😀

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    I don’t think it has anything to do with price. I believe it was Mr Rosenbaum’s decision to leave the show. If he is going to do it, no one is going to know to add a very much needed element of surprise to the final season. I do however agree that in order to have Clark finally put on that suit and become Superman, it needs to be because of Lex. No, it HAS to be because of Lex. Superman could not be Superman without Luthor, especially when you consider the history and story progression of the show. I, unlike the author of this letter, have watched the show faithfully for its entire existence. Story-wise I guess they could go without Lex and end it with the defeat of Darkseid and him becoming Superman that way. I don’t like that idea, but I could see them going in that direction. That in no way diminishes my desire to have Mr. Rosenbaum return and reprise his role as Lex. I certainly hope he does return, and I hope they do indeed end the series with a 3 or 4 episode story arc with them battling it out, Superman becoming who he should be and defeating Lex and saving the world and being the hero he is destined to be.

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    I’m willing to bet he’s already signed on the come back but there keeping it a secret to have that really big shock of an ending. besides Rosenbaum said it best him self “I Am The Villain Of The Story”

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    Michael! I’ll keep it simple. come back! please!

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