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Meet Smallville’s Newest Intrepid Reporter: Cat Grant

Lois Lane, meet The Daily Planet’s newest reporter — Cat Grant.

She’s been assigned as Clark’s partner, and Keri Lynn Pratt tells that her character may have a bit of a crush on Clark, adding: “She gets herself in trouble and gets herself in the middle of things often.”

How will Lois feel about Cat once she returns from Africa?

“I don’t think she’s thrilled about it,” Pratt says. “I think Cat just annoys her more than anything. I don’t think she’s threatening, I think she’s just annoying.”

“Cat really believes in what she’s working on and her message,” Pratt continues. “She just really wants to get that through and have everyone on the same page as her. She kind of loses track of the big picture.”

Check out a first look at Cat Grant in this clip from Friday’s upcoming episode titled “Shield,” in which Cat believes all the superheroes are after her:

Source: TV Guide


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