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Episode 10 is titled “Luthor”

Ausiello tells us that Clois fans will go crazy in episode 200th and episode 10 is title “Luthor.”

Question: On a scale from 1 to 10, how crazy will the final scene in Smallville‘s 200th episode drive Clois fans? Any chance you can give us a little more on it? — Geff C.
Ausiello: Nine. Can’t say more except that it’ll take your breath away.

Question: Do you have any updates on the possibility of Michael Rosenbaum returning to Smallville? — Denny
Ausiello: I hear episode 10 may be titled “Luthor,” so draw your own conclusions. Actually, let me help you: I’m guessing that ties in with his pa Lionel’s return. But I could be wrong!

Source: Ausiello


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