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    Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.

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    What would be the point in buying this boxset? Surely most people will wait til the deluxe Season 1- 10 boxset comes out?

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    no blu ray box set :[

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    they should waited until the series was over

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    Yeah this is just stupid, why even waste the money to mass produce this crap when the show still has one season left. WHy not just use the brains they all claim to have and once the show is over, release the entire 10 season set in regular DVD and BluRay. I guess thats why they arent doing it, these Hollywood idiots dont do things that make sense, kinda like the Army

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    Why cant people just comment on the issue why does everything always have to turn political. Why take a shot at the army the people who protect your freedom

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