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    there are a lot of tv series already ending… is this a trend?

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    A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.

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    I’m soo glad that Smallville is going to be brought back for another fantastic season. I am avidly waiting. Love it. Can’t wait to see Tom on my TV screen again.

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    i’m also glad it’ll be back for a 10. being the final season they had better make it fantastic no extra seasons for holding back

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    I freaking love this show and i am heartbroken that season 10 will be the last. There is sooo much more that could be done with this show! Instead stupid shows like Gossip Girl and others get continued-what is wrong with you people? Have you NEVER heard the saying don’t mess with success? A spin off with a justice league story line would be fantastic with Tom Welling leading the cast of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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