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    If Allison Mack isn’t in Season 10.
    It will FAIL!
    If it started with Chloe it should end with Chloe!
    Who cares about that darn Lois Lane aka Erica Durance..
    Comics or not..It is 2010..It is time for a fresh story and My gal Allison Mack is worthy of the Iconic Lois Lane title.
    The new and improved Lois Lane for 2010!!

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    wow!! thats a good news..i love lois
    its ok if chloe isnt part anymore that wont hurts the show.

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    Chloe Sullivan is a major part of Smallville.
    And should be there that is what makes Smallville great
    I hope Lois is in Only 10 epis for season 10..That is enough.
    I want to see the bright and sparkling Allison Mack and The beautiful Tom W interacting!
    They are fun and so delightful!


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    It is said that the Season 9 finale will see a major cast member die, since Allison Mack hasn’t yet signed on for Season 10 maybe Chloe will be the one dieing. Chloe’s death could be the catalyst needed for Clark to take flight.

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    I hope Allison Mack comes back. Also, I’m glad that we get lois for all of the season 10 episodes. i can’t wait for season 10.

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    Mack says bye And Tom follows suit..lol
    Well it is no surprise..
    Tom and Allison have been on Smallville for 9 yrs.. They Like family..
    I can’t balme Tom for saying nO to S11..
    They have been wanting to squeeze out Chloe since S9..and before..To push fake titty Lois in the fore front..
    1st Move Chloe out of the daily planet.
    2nd.Make Chloe and Clark hate each other so that Lois can be the Blur and Clark confidant.
    Next kill all things great about Chloe and Clark..Their great friendship..History..
    Whatever the F&&%% they could think off..
    One wonders if the present people in charge realize that Smallville isn’t about Lois aka Erica D!
    Fans have been forced all the bull crap..Actually..It is a good thing Smallville is ending..
    The only thing for us loyal fans of the Origainal series to celebrate is the fact that ..A non Mythos Character like Chloe Sullivan can survived and triumph over all the bad shit that has been thrown her way!!
    Chloe ala Mack YOU ROCK!!!

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