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    Are you kidding me? Lois & Clark (Erica & Tom) have tremendous chemistry. It’s that chemistry that has made watching this season so wonderful. I don’t get the haters. Besides, according to Superman lore, Lois & Clark are destined to be together, so deal with it.

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    Hell to the no. Lois and Clark is one of the many reasons why this season has been so awesome. Tom and Erica have a chemestry that could burn my tv screen and what we need is more Clois scenes.

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    They have Chemistry but seriously they need to kiss more… It’s becoming a bore just watching them talk all the time.. This is LOIS! When she was with Ollie all they did was kiss I’m not saying that’s all I want Clois to be doing but more kisses and heated ones not ones that look like he’s giving her CPR!

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    Come on guys everyone knows that Lois and Clark are destined to be together with each other! Both of them have tremendous chemistry together! I would be heart broken if they were seperated from each other! So, Lois and Clark (Clois) should be together forever! If the haters don’t like Lois and Clark being a couple together then they can get over it!

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    I, being the huge, probably the most huge, Clana supporter, am about to make a mind blowing statement. I love this version of Clois. It is Tom and Erica who bring these characters a sense of realism. They act as a real couple. At first it did seem a little on the forced side but now it seems natural. They have a love that they are building on and not something they are rushing into. And I enjoy watching them grow. Yes, Carlo, this is Angie saying this and no, it’s not pregnancy hormones! LOL!!

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    I dont know what show tvguide are watching. The chemistry between lois and clark is electric, far from being devoid of chemistry i am engrossed by it

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    I do agree, Carlo. I don’t see any chemistry at all, despite being one of the most loyal fan of Smallville right from the beginning.

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    I’ll admit that in Season 8 when Clark first “became interested” in Lois it seemed forced, especially since Lana had JUST left. But to say that Lois and Clark are not the best and most real couple ever on Smallville is blasphemy.

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    Season 9 has been amazing and it is in large part to the two of them

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    grrrrr….i will come and hunt everyone down who says they wand clois to split….i’ll send out booth to shoot you:) shame upon anyone who says that they have no chemistry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys cannot see the chemistry that is right infront of you

    have a nice day:)

    long live clois and B&B

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    I think it would be a good thing if they split up. It would make the next season interesting or it wouldn’t have any mystery.

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    Clark and Lois have AMAZING chemistry. Tom and Erica work so well together and make these characters real and they bring about MIND BLOWING CHEMISTRY. Anyone who says otherwise is just nuts 😛

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    How can anyone say they don’t have chemistry??? That’s ridiculous, they have amazing chemistry. And saying they just woke up and deciding they were soulmates??? They are soulmates, Lois and Clark have been soulmates for over 70 years. And if they are talking about on Smallville, they have been dancing around eachother for 5 seasons, it’s about time they finally starting doing the tango together. Whoever wrote this obviously knows nothing about Superman and wouldn’t know chemistry if the fire was on top of their head.

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    I think that Clark and Lois are the best couple ever, ah there are no reasons to split them up on tv. If they do that, the show will be disaster.

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    I would not go so far as saying they are the best couple ever. I mean they are the things of mythology. And there is no denying that Tom and Erica have chemistry that is tangible. With all that being said to mean it seemed to be easier for Tom and Kristin to have a believable chemistry.

    But their time has unfortunately passed so now is the way for Clois and I don’t want to see them break up but I do wish they would focus more on him being who he is supposed to be aka Superman and not focus on his love life. Clark can worry about that later. Don’t make it the main focus. It would be okay to be a side line.

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    This isn’t a real “poll” so no one needs to worry. Tvguide just opened up a thread where disgruntled fans could come and post about the “ships” that they hate. It was baiting for Smallville haters and we all know that the Clois haters attack everything they can find.

    This poll means nothing.

    All you need to do is take a real poll of the fandom to clearly see that people love Clark and Lois. Personally, I like Clark and Lana, but I think clark and Lois have the most realistic and most enjoayable relationship EVER on this show. It’s fantastic. The haters will hate. I could care less what they say.

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    I’m sorry, “woke up soulmates”?! We’ve been building up to this for 5 seasons. Lois and Clark’s relationship has been changing (and taking a romantic turn) since the end of season 7. They were frenemies, friends and now are discovering that they’re each others soulmates. They’re destined to be but are falling in love all on their own.


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    Durance is simply and utterly awful. Viewers worry about how her large silicone implant boobs would knock Clark down like two cement bowling balls. She is campy and ridiculous beyond words. Smallville is like a rotting heap of sewerage.

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    Agree with every word at the beginning of the page – forced romance, painful to see after Clana’s magic.

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    Season 9 is my favor

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    I like the chemistry of Lois and Clark but the series need to either make them complete lovers or separate them completely and keep them as simply friends. People forget that Clarks relationship with Lois is the one reason why he can’t fly. In order to fly, Clark must cut off all connections if you remember in season 9 episode 1.

    Also I’ve grown tired of the 95 percent drama and 5 percent action, sometimes when I watch smallville episodes I cut through the long drawn out drama sequences that really take away from the series in my opinion. I hope in season 10 they go at least 50 percent action and 50 percent drama just to balance things out. Also I’m tired of 1 minute fight scenes, for goodness sake this is superman were talking about, I want to see some epic fights that are long drawn out.

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    Ewwww LoASS (pronounced like lois) is a MAN! Her and Clark are like BROTHER and SISTER! There relationship is enough to make Mother Teresa VOMIT!

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    I love the chemistry between Lois and Clark they are so meant to be together, I really hope they don’t break up in next weeks episode I love them and all you Clois hatters out there let it go, Lois and Clark are destined for each other. Its written they belong together if you don’t like them keep comments to yourself.

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    Hell no I like Lois/Clark and about time too, it has been building up for ages now I was sooooo tired about the Clark/Lana talk about forced their relationship was getting so ridiculous!!!

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    ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHEMISTRY between the two actors and the two characters…they are like a snoozefest and the best cure for insomonia …i will give them an award for that…for a start those two acting skills is horrendous, garbage, hideous, ridiculous, they are the worst acting ability ever on this show….they should both have stuck with modelling, because thats what they are great bodies & faces with no personality or acting skill….

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    I agree with the haters – NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL. Or maybe the couple are being badly written, because I absolutely HATE Clark and Lois as a couple. Nearly as much as I hated Lana. I love both characters, just ….. seperately.

    Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder had chemistry. (yeah, I’m that old). Tom and Erica …. it just isn’t working, on any level. Lois is a tough girl, she just seems so ….. weak….. this season.

    And while we’re on the subject of bad couples, Chloe and Oliver? Dear God, why? Why why why? Its soooo bad. If they wanted a love interest for Olly, obvious choice was Black Canary. After all, Green Arrow does end up married to her!

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    haha…Marikology is a well-known Chloiser. Her statements aren’t objective at all.

    I love Clois. They’re scorching hot and can be tender with each other as well. The development of Clois in S8/S9 has made me a Clois fan. I was a Clana fan but I always knew that Clois would happen.

    I’ve always loved Lois and I’ve started to love Clark just as much by proxy. The haters should say what ship they prefer before they spew their hate. People who are that biased can’t see objectively.

    I love ED’s acting. She’s been able to handle everything they throw at her. And I’ll admit that I’ve often wished for TW to put more emotion behind his acting and this season he’s really delivered.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter if you hate them or not. Clois is it. I, as a former Clana fan knows that. Everyone in the world knows that. So either stop complaining about the inevitable or get off the boat.

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    Oh and I thought Margot Kidder was one of the unlikable Lois Lanes ever. Sheonly seemed to love Superman for his powers. If that was the only version of Clois that I was exposed to, then I would so dislike them. But Teri Hatcher’s Lois and now Erica’s Lois have shown that Lois loves Clark just as she loves his alter-ego.

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    I TOTALLY agree that they have no chemistry!!! As a devoted fan of the series, you can’t watch Clark and Lana for nearly the entire span of years Smallville has aired, and then all of a sudden believe that Clark and Lois are soulmates! It’s almost insulting, really. While I am a big “CLANA” fan, I have tried to be openminded and accept Lois, but there is such a lack of emotion on Clark’s part, and the scenes between him and Lois definitely seemed forced. I know they are trying to stay true to the Superman story, but I wish they would end it with Clark and Lana together in the end. Not everything that has happened in this series has been true to the comics, so why should the ending be? Clark and Lana are true soulmates!

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    Oh, and I am not a hateer, I just have sense. 😉

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    I mean hater. Hee hee.

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    hey…TOM AND ERICA are the best couple portrayed as CLARK AND LOIS ..i hope they will end up as real couple….KEEP UP CLOIS….!

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    I can´t help myself but I hate tv or movie couples who are predictable and Clark and Lois are predictable and not interesting to me. And I´ll always love Clark and Lana. And I don´t watch this show anymore.

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    I feel like the way smallville wrote Lois and Clark and the one-sided chemistry (lois has it; clark doesn’t) is the reason why Lois and Clark broke up in the comic books.

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    Well they where sorta forced together because in the comics they where together but this show does not go straight with the comics so why do they have to be together it should just go into a relationship smoothly and let them get to know each other more before they go straight into a relationship (like him and Lana). But i personally love chloe and oliver relationship in the show and their chemistry they where meant to be together,

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    It was honestly really hard for me to watch this series once Lois was brought in. I had loved Clark and Lana since the beginning, despite the fact that their breakup was inevitable and that Clark would end up with Lois, just because that’s the way Superman is. I just felt we had these eight seasons of intense Clana, and then all the sudden they couldn’t be together (though I think that he would have stayed with her if that whole tragic thing hadn’t happened). So suddenly they kinda just push Clark and Lois together towards the end, because it just had to be done to stay true to the whole superman thing.

    I don’t know, I just thought it was cruel to make us all fall in love with Clana when we knew they never stood a chance.

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