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‘Smallville’ Scoop: Death Begets Supersized Justice

Fancast Provocative new information has surfaced about “Absolute Justice,” the two-hour ‘Smallville’ event that airs February 5.

Already we know that beloved comic books scion Geoff Johns penned the supersized outing, and that the pair of hours will be directed by Glen Winter and ‘Smallville’ star/producer Tom Welling, respectively.

Also, it’s common knowledge that this “movie” revolves around Clark’s introduction to the Justice Society of America, which here will be largely represented by Hawkman (played by ‘Stargate’ alum Michael Shanks), Dr. Fate (Brent Stait, ‘Andromeda’) and Stargirl (Britt Irvin, ‘V’).

But what exactly brings about this elite meet-and-greet?

Well, it looks like the circumstances are rather grim, according to one key player.

“I can’t say too much about this, but there is a death that occurs at the beginning of the episode,” Britt Irvin tells me. “And that brings [the JSA] together with Clark and his team.”

Clark’s “team” refers to the Justice League, which is comprised of the Blur, Green Arrow and… well, others. (I must leave it at that.) And to put it mildly, not all of these heroes get on superbly when they first cross paths.

“Stargirl has a bit of friction with Green Arrow at the beginning, as does Hawkman,” Irvin says, echoing that which Justin Hartley revealed in a recent Fancast Q&A.

Irvin’s acrobatic avenger, however, quickly establishes herself as one of the Blur’s biggest fans. “She has a special connection with Clark because he reminds her a lot of her mentor,” says the actress. What’s more, when the JSA gets wind (via Dr. Fate) of Clark’s destiny, Stargirl realizes “he’s very important for mankind.”

Who is Stargirl’s aforementioned mentor? “I can’t say,” Irvin hedges, “but he does make an appearance in the episode.”

As for Stargirl’s skills, ‘Smallville’ has captured the agile essence of the blonde beauty, to hear Irvin tell it. In addition to wielding “a cosmic staff that shoots powerful energy,” the actress says, “She does a lot of flipping in the air, so you definitely see her gymnastics talent come in to play.”

So, ‘Smallville’ fans, here are your talking points: Who dies? Who will make up Clark’s team? And who is Stargirl’s mentor?

The CW’s ‘Smallville’ returns with new episodes on January 22.

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    I would probably think Tess or someone thats not important dies. I hope that the team will consist of the Flash, green arrow, martian manhunter, aquaman, and cyborg. And i would probably think that stargirls mentor is one of the JSA like the Green Lantern because it makes sense in the Justice League Unlimited cartoons. P.S. why am i the only Smallville fan replying, i dont go on the computer alot, but i still wright something before i get off. You other Smallville fans are not true fans.

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    I’m a smallville fan, i’ve been constantly checking 3 times a day infact, deep
    searches on all websites for any new updates, news & twitter about 2- hour
    “Absolute Justice” movie.

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    This is going to be incredible, I can’t wait. I agree with Cory about Clark’s team but you forgot Black Canary. I would love to see Green Lantern but it’ll probably only be a quick flashback cause that’s a very tough character to pull off on tv, but I thought the same about Dr Fate so who knows.

    I’m more interested in who the villain is, I read something recently that it’s a big secret and the actor playing Hawkman was asked and wasn’t sure who the character was, so it can’t be a well known villain. I’m not very familiar with the JSA so I’m wondering if maybe they had a member that turned bad and that’s who the villain is.

    I doubt they can kill anyone on Clark’s team (other than Chloe, but I think they save that for the end of the series) cause they seem to be sticking to superman mythology and comic continuity.

    I’m guessing the entire 2 hr movie is kind of like Watchmen, a former member of the JSA gets killed and the old group has to protect Clark and the killer ends up being another JSA member.

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