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    I pray that the Michael/Smallville schedule situation gets resolved so he can be in the show’s ending episode. You’re right Souders-Having Lex make a comback for that episode would be the perfect way to end:( Smallville. It would be so dramatic since he knows everything and I bet he’s still snooping into everything from wherever he is. He would know it all and would open the door for a great movie…..

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    As for Perry White, It would be cool if he came back too. and start taking ownership of the Daily Planet. I love how the series is connecting to the Superman universe more and more. It makes you a little nostalgic…Keep going with the series! 🙂

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    It’s occurred to me that we never saw Lex’s body (I don’t think).
    Is he really dead, or did he survive somehow??
    Maybe he was cloned??
    As for Perry, I never had the definite impression
    that he’d been at The Daily Planet the longest,
    just that he’d been in the newspaper business the longest.
    I’m very much looking forward to the return of both characters.
    Also, what about Bizarro? I’d find it hard to believe that we’ve seen the last of him.

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