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“Pandora” clip featuring the steamy Clois scene

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    Very beautiful and touching scene. I always felt that Jimmy and Davis put Clark in a very fragile and disturbed state at the end of “Doomsday” and then Lois vanishing sort of sent him over the edge. Their feelings were very unresolved last year and I can absolutely understand that after a year of him thinking she was dead he would start to have some clarity on how he felt about her. Sometimes it takes losing people to wake up and realize what they mean to us or how much we needed them. Clark is so sad in this clip. He also seemed pretty desperate to be with Lois. Like he just needed to touch her and feel her again. It’s sad. But alas, it’s also sexy. It’s nice to see a Clark Kent who is mature and acting on his desires for once. Lois brings that out in him and I like it.

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    wow amazingg. Is where the clip ends the end of it or is there more to the scene. like i hope thats only where they cut off for the mini-clip not in like the actual scene in the episode.?

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    OMG This was just wonderful…..I’m still breathing heavy and I’m 64 years old oohhhhhhhhhhhh ..mama
    When was this filmed? In the series he’s not that built, it had to have been awhile back.
    Looking forward to seeing more friday. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

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    Ginger, I’m not sure if this is what you mean….but you’re right in that Welling wasn’t quite as big when he was shirtless in the episode, “Idol” with the flash forward sequence. He was still obviously in great shape but his body was noticably more lean. But “Idol” was actually filmed months ago because it was early on the shooting order. “Pandora” was filmed more recently. He must have bulked up some in the last few months. So what he looks like in “Pandora” is probably closer to what he looks like now. I know it’s random but I figured I’d clear it up for you. Either way, I think he’s gorgeous. The clip is beautiful. I’m not 64 but I am in my 30’s and I really appreciate the more mature aspect of the Clark/Lois relationship.

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    Emmy, thanks so much for taking the time to comment…..It’s great to know that someone is really monitoring his site. I have really enjoyed watching Smallville, my son moved home for awhile and he started my daughter I in watching the series. Now I don’t miss an episode and yes Tom is gorgeous but so is Erica, they make a great couple, matched perfectly and work well off each other.
    Well this mature woman has to go to work and thanks again.

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