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Clois, sex dream, iconic glasses, more Chloe

Ausiello Question: Will Clois move full-steam ahead on Smallville or will there be a monkey wrench that derails the train? —Murnice
Ausiello: While the relationship hasn’t exactly moved along faster than a speeding bullet, you’ll be glad to know that there are blue skies on the horizon — beginning with this week’s big smooch. “They both have a few issues, so things never go as smoothly as you think,” says exec producer Kelly Souders. “But what’s great about the relationship, because it’s sort of more adult, mature relationship, is it actually brings their issues up to the forefront, and makes them start dealing with them instead of being the younger versions of themselves, where they might not have been that conscious of it.”

Question: Will Clark ever find out about Lois’ so called “Sex Dream” on Smallville? —Lisa
Ausiello: “I would say tune into [episode 9] ‘Pandora,’” Souders teases. “Reality is relative in ‘Pandora,’ but I will say that when [Lois] goes to the future, there’s some skin there.” Souders adds that “‘Pandora’ is literally like a finale. It’s huge. You’ll see an alternate ending for everyone in the cast. You’ll see what could happen to them and the future is dramatic. You won’t be disappointed.”

Question: When will Clark put on the iconic glasses on Smallville? —Jackson
Ausiello: “There’s something coming up in these first nine episodes,” Souders reveals, “in which Clark might at least contemplate glasses.”

Question: Why has Allison Mack had so little screen time on Smallville this season? —Kathy
Ausiello: The calm before the storm, perhaps? “Chloe fans will not be disappointed,” Souders maintains. “There will be some budding romance in her life from an unexpected source.” Oliver? “I’m not saying.” In possibly related news, Souders reveals to me exclusively that during the second half of the season, “Chloe is going to meet a new hero who is not all that he’s cracked up to be.” Will this hero be carrying a DC Comics certificate of authenticity? “I don’t think we got the rights to his name cleared,” says Souders, “but it’s somebody fans of the show will be familiar with.”


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