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    AAHHH!! He better return!!! Season 8 was the worst season b/c he was gone!!! I miss Michael SOOO much! He’s amazing! and a freakin awesome actor!

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    Why am I typing and it can’t be seen unless I hi-lite it?!?!? I’m one of the older crowd hooked on Smallville and yes, we would like to see Lex return!!! Geez! Lionel, Martha, and, well, we knew Jonathan would go, but hey! Bring Lex back!! Lex has ALWAYS been a part of the SUperman story!!!!!

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    Hi Jean, I already fixed that. Thanks for letting me know because I actually missed that when I was working on the site earlier today. Cheers!

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    yay! thats great news! how is the show supposed to go on without him anyways? i agree season 8 wasnt all that great because he is missing =(

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    I absolutely LOVE smallville !!! Although i’m disappointed in the fact that clark keeps denying his destiny as superman and also that failed relationship with lana….. I thought it was supposed to be lois all along??? whatever happened to that?! Gee I sure hope that him and lois FINALLY get something going together cuz I would hate to see lana show up and just mess the whole thing up like she did b4……

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    I hope he will return,but he recently said he wasn’t returning on twitter(I follow his page there mrosenbaum711). Frankly,I dont blame him.Essentialy,Lex Luthor’s character arc is finished.If he does return,it should be in the series last few episodes whenever that is,just to establish the Lex vs.Superman rivalry.Otherwise there is little reason for his presence.Lets focus on Clark’s rise to Superman,which i feel should be the arc for Season 9 &10(if there is a season 10) However,if Lex is to return…NO BODYDOUBLES OR STAND IN’S! Rosenbaum or bust!

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    Watched all Smallville and now on season 9, here in italia, we need lex back he’s been the only male who grew up with Clark all the way., his character has been acted well, very well, a very good actor,why have Tess in otherwords.,, as she came into the series, working for him, while he was elsewhere!! I cant fault any of the series, seen how they all progressed after college days.,there are for me, 4 main characters., Clark,chloe,lois.,then we have Oliver, Tess., but lex and lana, were very important to the last 8 series.,lex who came out winning, so for me, lex did not die(by Oliver) as did recall Oliver did have a secret wish(not made yet) that he felt regret killing him,so my bet is, to bring him back, we need Olivers wish granted.,you see I do watch every detail.,great programme.,as for Clark’Lois., so funny together, she is brilliant (Erica) and Clark, well just too good looking for any gal., keep it running into the 10th please., loving mature fan., saluti xx

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    the show is awesome please get lex back

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