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‘Smallville’ scoop: Are they casting Zod?!

Ausiello Blog – It sure sounds like it based on this season 9 casting notice that just fell into my lap:

MASON: Late 20’s early 30’s. He’s a handsome charismatic charmer who savors life. He appreciates good food, loves fast cars and sees beauty in every woman. There isn’t a detail in life that eludes his senses. He is a master of seduction… knowing what everyone wants and needs before they do. But don’t let his magnetism fool you. There’s more than meets the eye. His intelligence can’t be matched. He outmaneuvers everyone in his path. Though he longs to find a home, that vulnerability can be twisted — making him a force to be reckoned with.”


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    i dont know if this is aimed at zod….

    sounds like bruce wayne to me 🙂 any thoughts?

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    This DOES sound like Bruce Wayne! Wohoo get excited people!

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    It does sound like Bruce Wayne but IDK about late 20’s and early 30’s.Bruce is more…50 actually???
    It cant be Oliver because hes already there…hmmm anymore rich peeps?
    …its on the tip of my tonge!!!
    ummmm HAL-JORDAN!,hmm Im still not to sure thought because Hal isn’t the smartest Apple in the bush.
    KNOW THAT I THINK OF IT…I really have no idea XD

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