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Smallville is one of the 25 greatest sci-fi shows ever

Wizard Universe has listed their 25 greatest sci-fi shows ever and Smallville came in at number 24. 

The adventures of a pre-tights Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is the most geek-friendly comic adaptation ever, crammed to the margins with inside jokes (Clark wears glasses!), guest appearances (Is that Doomsday?) and an encyclopedic knowledge of DC lore. Filmed with an appropriate sense of scope, it may also be the handsomest sci-fi series on TV.

Watch This: “Justice,” with a hoodie-clad Justice League taking their first tentative steps into the superhero hall of fame. 

Here’s the list of the top 25 shows.

  1. Doctor Who
  2. The Twilight Zone
  3. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  5. Battlestar Galactica
  6. Lost
  7. Star Trek
  8. The X-Files
  9. Jekyll
  10. V
  11. Firefly
  12. The 4400
  13. The Prisoner
  14. Angel
  15. The Dead Zone
  16. Quantum Leap
  17. The Outer Limits
  18. Babylon 5
  19. Highlander: The Series
  20. Supernatural
  21. Night Gallery
  22. The Incredible Hulk
  23. Red Dwarf
  24. Smallville
  25. Dark SHADOWS
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    where’s thunderbirds in that list?? and angel u got 2 be kiddin, nothing sci fi about that

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    For some reason I knew Smallville was going to be under Supernatural…

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