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‘Injustice’ Review: Moral Dilemma

I think as a show an episode should have you on the edge of your seat or at least wondering what is going on. It should not lay there and bore you to death. I must give props to TPTB who wrote this episode. ‘Injustice’ had you wondering the whole time what was going to happen next and where was all this leading. Where it is headed is one colossal showdown.

Clark finds Chloe in shaken state

Clark finds Chloe in shaken state

Clark confronts Tess about her latest headlines. He tells her that causing a panic and a city wide manhunt is not solving anything. Tess tells him that Clark needs to do what he is destined to do, that it is his job to save the planet. While he is talking to Tess, Clark hears Chloe calling out for him. We see Chloe running and yelling for Clark in thick trees and then run out into the road. Why did she stand there and look at the truck like a deer caught in headlights? Clark does save her and Chloe is in a completely shaken state.

Back at the farm, Clark is talking to Chloe and you know from the beginning I knew there was something not right about her. Chloe seemed to be way off her game. She tells Clark that there is no help for Davis and while she was with him, he refused to leave her alone. And when she got the opportunity, Chloe ran and ran and ran. Clark tells her that she is safe and he was there for her.

So Clark goes to see Ollie and they have a discussion about the need to kill Davis, that there is no other choice. Clark asks Ollie for his help and that he needs to go to Tess and get Black Kryptonite out of Tess’s vault. Is that really what he is planning on doing? Is Clark planning to kill Davis? Sorry, no it’s a lie. He wants to use the Black Kryptonite to split the beast from the man. Chloe finds him with the crystal to open the portal to the Phantom Zone. His plan is to throw the beast into the Zone and save Davis. Chloe tries to tell him that not everyone can be saved. Clark is interrupted by a call from Dr. Emil Hamilton.

Back in Metropolis, we see that Doomsday has struck again. There are two victims but one is not killed by Davis. She is tagged and she had a homing chip in her head. Chloe freaks out and leaves. We are thrown off by Chloe talking with Plastique and Parasite. Chloe tells them that Tess is double crossing them and that they too have a chip in their head. They tell Chloe that Tess had done so much for all of them, including her. This is where I was like what has Tess Mercer ever done for Chloe? Nothing that I can think of. This was my first clue.

Then Clark goes to see Chloe and wants to know where she went. Dr. Hamilton tells Clark that Chloe had come to him and begged him to save Davis within the last few days. While Clark is with her, Chloe starts having pain and dies. Only it was not Chloe which means Chloe is still with Davis.

Tess has put together this Injustice League and she keeps telling Clark, Ollie and the Injustice League that she is there to help them and wait for the traveler. They want to know where this Traveler is. It seems that they have killed off Livewire. That is something that made no sense to me. Livewire is a huge part of the DC Batman villainy. What was the need for doing such a thing? And then once Parasite sucked Livewire’s powers, they leave and I think, it was never known for sure, Tess killed her, along with the shape shifter. That girl was how Tess found out more about Clark, more so than she already knew. Clark goes to see Plastique and while there Parasite leeches his power, actually stole his powers to be exact. Then he calls Dr. Hamilton who tells him where a car is located so he can get to Smallville in a hurry. Now the Injustice League realizes they are duped and off they go to find Tess.

Tess was about to undress when she finds Oliver in her bed

Tess was about to undress when she finds Oliver in her bed

Oliver is there to get the Black Kryptonite for Clark. He had gotten Tess’s fingerprint from a wine bottle when he visited her at the Planet and she grabbed the bottle. He takes it and used it to open her vault and finds the Kryptonite. But Tess is headed back in the room and when she looks in the mirror Ollie is naked in her bed. She makes him get up and is about to make him leave when there is an explosion that knocks Ollie out and Plastique and Parasite take her hostage. Clark finally arrives out of breath, after Tess is conveniently knocked out. When it looks like Parasite is about to kill Clark Ollie comes in wearing a Kryptonite ring and it has an ‘L’ on it. Clark tells Parasite to give his powers to make the pain go away. Ollie takes Tess back upstairs.

Clark goes to talk with Ollie about the Kryptonite ring. Ollie tells him he got it when he killed Lex. Clark is livid and Ollie tells him to get off his high horse, sometimes you have to do those things. This is what heroes do and that he and Clark are on the same team. Clark tells him that they were not.

Clark is back at the farm putting the black kryptonite away and the crystal is missing. Tess is there and tells him she destroyed it and now he has now he has no choice but to kill Davis. It is his destiny. Clark tells Tess that he thought she was not like Lex but he was wrong. Tess tells Clark that the difference between her and Lex is that she is not going to leave Clark. It is his fate to which Clark tells her that Lex said that fate was for people who didn’t know who they were. She tells Clark he has to do this because the fate of the entire world depends on it. The last part of the episode is Tess in her office with a glowing orb that asks her had she taken care of Kal-el’s crystal (guessing there to warbly sounding!). She says yes and then the orb gets bigger and then starts to encompass her face and says you shall be ruler of new Kandor. Cue the dramatic music!

"You will be the saviour of Kandor"

"You will be the saviour of Kandor"

Whoa! What a set up for the next episode. Chloe is still on the run with Davis and now Clark and Ollie are at odds. Who do you think is going to die? In the previews Ollie and Chloe are at a funeral, the guy from the Legion tells Clark that this is the day he will die, and what about the symbol for Zod? What if Ollie and Chloe are at Clark’s funeral? I mean he is killed by Doomsday? How would that play out? What is up with Ollie shooting Clark, what is going on? I am intrigued, now they have my attention when I only have one more to go! Keep watching, it’s just getting good!

NEXT WEEK: The Ultimate battle between good and evil: Doomsday vs. Clark! Who will come out victorious? STAY TUNED!


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