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Discuss Doomsday!

Chloe and Jimmy kiss

Chloe and Jimmy kiss

You watched the episode. We know you have questions. We know some of you are happy, some of you are disappointed. Discuss with us what you think.

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21 Responses

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    The episode was heartbreaking. I felt Chloe’s pain.

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    Current Status : Jimmy’s dead, Lois is lost in time (presumably), Davis is dead, Chloe is widowed, Clark Kent is “part” dead, Zod is loose again. Man! They have lots to pick up next fall!

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    Current Status : Jimmy\’s dead, Lois is lost in time (presumably), Davis is dead, Chloe is widowed, Clark Kent is \”part\” dead, Zod is loose again. Man! They have lots to pick up next fall!

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    Is it just me or did Chloe seem pregnant in the last scene with Clark???

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    Man…they should kill Chloe… its not worth it anymore, now that Zods back, and Doomsday is 100 feet under, we need more action, more real fights no more “telenovela” drama…

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    All that buildup for Doomsday and Clark defeats him so easily…come on, that was a pathetic finale

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    Yes, I agree. I was really looking forward to the finally and now I am really disappointed of it. I literally locked myself in my room because I didn’t want to be distracted, not worth it. How can they kill Jimmy Olsen???? It makes no sense, instead they keep Chloe?? That doesn’t make sense to me, I know for sure people are disappointed of the finale, I was like huh?? Is that it? They better fix this otherwise It is really going to affect the story of superman! Does anybody know when the next season would begin??

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    well i thought it was a good epiosode but i deffently wanted 2 see a bigger clark doomsday fight…..and them lockin him under ground thats not wot i expected…..but the whole chloe alive jimmy dead is kinda odd but they mite twist it up for season 9…..i remember clark goin away in the 1st superman film and that lead him 2 fly…so i hope that goes on the same path once he finds himself again….and lois in the future could b good ther may b a epiosode of her wid all the legeon…..and wow zod is bac and he is huge that is gona b a big thing next year i think

    smallville starts in september cant wait…

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    I agree with the comments on how disappointing this finale was. We had to go through a WHOLE SEASON of the DOOMSDAY plot. A whole season!!!!

    At least other seasons had more variety in theme. But going through 22 episodes about DOOMSDAY and watching this last one felt like a complete waste of time.

    But at least we saw some fight scenes unlike Heroes where the audience watches 2 doors with some light effects streaming out the crevices during the finale fight scene only to see who emerges victorious in the end.

    Aaron Ashmore will no longer come back so that’s the end of the Jimmy Olsen we are familiar with, but I bet his younger brother will become the “new” Jimmy Olsen that comic fans know idolizes Superman.

    Lois is probably safe in the future with the Legion and some story arc is probably in the works for her to change everything back to normal when she gets back. This might even be reason to bring back those people we thought were dead…

    And finally, at least we saw Doomsday kill a part of Superman – Clark Kent – temporarily, but expect that guy to be raised back to life in seasons to come. It would be fun to see what a Superman driven by logic rather than emotion would be like (ala Future Superman in the Batman Beyond cartoon series).

    For me, the best episode of the entire season was the one featuring Zatanna.

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    For me some of the best episodes from this season are: Infamous, Hex, Toxic, Committed, Legion, Stilletto (Lois cracked me up on this one haha) and that is it! Honestly, I think none of really know what the next season will hold so we just got wait until septembe???!! man!! that’s a long time but oh well! Let’s hope for the best.

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    When they killed Jimmy at first I didn’t understand because he is in superman’s future. But then I realized they announced his name at the funeral and his middle name was james. And the whole ‘Chloe giving his little brother the camera and saying maybe he’ll follow his brother’s footsteps.’ His little brother must be the real jimmy olsen. That being said you can tell that was decided last minute by the writers because Smallville’s jimmy olsen’s profile was definitely meant to be the real jimmy olsen at first.

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    Me the only episodes that i really liked are COMMITTED and HEX .. And i really really hate Requiem and Bride ( because that Stupid,Slut LANA!!! is such a great MOMENT breaker!!! .. Hope she’ll never comes back to the show!!! EVER!!!) .. I’m really excited for whats gonna happen next season !!! and there better be more CLOIS next season !!! ..

    And i really agree with you guys season 8’s finale is a very big labyrinth .. and left us with lots of conundrum in our minds !!! .. OMG !!! ..

    CLOIS FOEVER !!! .. ;-P

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    fairly much u people ever considered that loise went back in time and u know that might change jimmys future if u just think a little about it she might come home to a diff time ect and there by bien able to change the future for jimmy ect also making clark seem as the bad ass he wanna be in ther end justa thought

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    This episode was frankly the biggest LETDOWN I’ve seen, in 30 years of TV viewing.

    An entire season of buildup, with Davis verging on his transformation several times.. and when Doomsday is finally unleashed, the big fight with Clark is over in about 30 seconds!

    Doomsday is one of DC Comics’ most powerful supervillains. To have him disposed of so quickly was ridiculous; no direct explanation was even given about whether he is supposed trapped underground, or if he is dead (temporarily, of course).

    Bring him back soon, PLEASE. Even if he doesn’t escape in the remaining run of the series, we should see him pounding away at the walls of his prison as he did in the comics.

    Otherwise, it was nice to see the Justice League and Cosmic Boy again. Smallville could do with a few more regular guest heroes; I would especially like Fire, the Ray, a Green Lantern and Captain Atom. Oh, and Martian Manhunter with his powers back.

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    I loved the episode ! But honestly ! kill Jimmy ! that is mean ! i felt chloes pain. I cried for like, im still crieing !

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    lois and clark better be together in the last season. I wasnt to find of season 8 beast was the best one out of all of them i think. They really didnt have to kill jimmy off he’s cool. They should have more heroes and villians added to the season 9 cause come on it’s the last season dude they have to put wonder woman, green lantern, captain atom and especially and red tornado in somehow. The villains they really should be focusing on right now like darkseid, kalibak and mongul i’m tired of all these stupid villains like toyman and livewire and i’m so sick of these retarted fake fights the best was doomsday cause he’s the best villain anyway besides metallo and parasite and i’m glad to see parasite was in the injustice. But anyway put more fights, villains, heroes in season 9 it’s the finale season please make this fantastic and different and more action than all the other seasons

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    Oh and they should really consider adding Shazam AKA Captain Marvel fighting against clark but until they start to get to kno each other and then fight side by side. That would be so cool to put in season 9 also. So please think over putting shazam in season 9 and all the others i put in the last letter if you all can please make season 9 worth it.

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    I loved the season finale Doomsday, very sad about Jimmy but i reckon as you guys say that Lois could bring him back via Time reversal or his little brother will become the genuine Jimmy. Who knows? but anyway i liked it. The fight between Clark and Davis aka Doomsday was short but well done and the ending was emotional. Cant wait to see the next season.

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    Yes i like the idea of bringing in Captain Marvel aka Shazam into the last season.

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    It was natural that Jimmy died. Producers could not stray too far from the original story of Superman. The character of Chloe was inserted by producers because they needed someone who gradually discovers the secret of Clark. In the original story are Jimmy near Clark in the Daily Planet … and Chloe does not exist. There would be a contradiction. Brilliant idea to give to the original Jimmy Holsen a brother like Jimmy of Chloe. In this way there are no contradictions with the original story of Superman.

    I love them very much. They are fantastic!
    What’s our life without smallville? Nothing. 🙂

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