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    OH THE HORROR! is TW really that DESPERATE for money that he would risk his carrer or because he can`t find another job?

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    This comment is in response to the above cooment about Tom Welling “killing his carreer” with doing “at least” two more episodes. I feel this comment to be totally ridiculous and not thought out well. Comic inspired movies are killing at the box offices today with the use of special effects and CG. Just look at such movies as “The Dark Knight,” “Wolverine:X-Men Orgins,” and “Star Trek recently!” Writers can now finnally tell the stories that fans have been waiting for, yet were done with cheesey SFX previously used. Gone are the “POWS” and “BAMS” and in their place arrive flight, teleportation, ice manipulation, and time travel and manipulation. I make this comment being a professional CG and Studio Artist myself. I’ll admit, the writers need to drink some more caffine here of late and the plots have been somewhat lame but the “overall” SMALLVILLE show has been what comic/sci-fi/action fans have been waiting for for a long time and he will be remembered as the “coming-to-age” Man of Steel for generations to come. Television shows like “Smallville” and “Heroes” and so exciting to watch when the stories keep to glued to your tube. My hope for the future of Smallville is for Clark to embrace his role as Superman and don the cape and possibly spandex if done in a stylish way. I feel the other JLA’s outfits were done well, especially Green Arrow. Speaking of that, me and the rest of the fans I’m sure would love to see some more of the JLA return a lot more for some “action!” Possibly introduce some new characters, Green Laterns and Batman would be nice! Than give them some worthy “villians” to fight! I two-three part episode where Superman and Batman meet to take down, say the Joker and Two Face would be a killer of a show! Being a DC fan I would love to see some characters molded into this show. Smallville is actually what got me reading and studying DC comics the last few years. If more attention was given to the action and star hereos and villians I know the shows ratings would increase; lay off the drama a lilttle and add the action! Lois and Clark need to spark things up too, slowly but surely. Give Tom Welling his due credit and bump up the action the ninth season and from than on! Take advantage of his abilities and the SFX of the day! That’s why the “Superman Returns” movie bombed. If they would have had a better plot and more action that could have been a box office smash! What Reeves was for the last generation, Welling will be for this. I don’t think that too bad of a career burner, eh?

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    ok jake…i agree with most of the things you said about the career move….but about the rest..i agree that there needs to be a batman..but not in the sense that you meen……if they come together to fight a “badguy”, you have to think of a common enemy…or an elobrate story to why they met…not to just throw a batman villan into the mix…thats taking away from the point. i am a very avid smallville fan and superman fan…i even like JLA somewat, but i just cant see mixing the stories that much…on the other hand..if they did meet, that would would leave WB/CW the choice on wether or not to even have a justis league kind of series. im sure you know what i meen…..but anyway…..i agree with the more action thing but the drama is wat keeps you glued to the story……anyone who studies theatrical arts can tell you that. so over all i agree…..but i cant see the stories mixing and the increase of action actually improving the show all that much…..i feel it might take away from the genius that is smallville

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    Tom and Allison should be in the Justice League movie due to the nine years now Smallville will run! No other actor could draw so much of the people as Tom and Allison! Wake up Warner Brothers and the C.W. network and smell the the coffee!

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    Why are the Warner bros. people going to screw up something that is llightning in a bottle! They have what they need right in front of them for a great Justice League Movie! Tom and Allison would bring millions to the movie! We know this by the ratings on Smallville. The new movie would draw new Superman fans to the C.W.!

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    Kriptonite must have killed off Tom “s only chance to do a Justice League Movie! Why else would Warner Brothers pick somebody else! Can that person last nine years like Welling has done on Smallville? The answer is no! So get us Tom Welling in the Justice League Movie now!

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    Allison and Tom what a couple. If Tom Welling leaves the show it would’nt last! Just think what would happen nine years ago! Smallville is lightning in a bottle! Wake up C.W. and cast with Warner Brothers the Justice League with Tom. We could have Jor’el make every one think that Clark and Superman don’t look alike so Clark can start wearing glasses and change to Superman and no one would put the two together!

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    Allison needs me to write for Smallville , i can make a better show! Superman won,t need to wear a hood or mask with Jor’el making everone think that Superman and Clark Kent don’t look the same! We need Allison to make moves on Clark on season 9 with looking and holding him with more love in her eyes. They work good together. Comments: Steven Dunetz 640 16st. San Diego,ca 92101 And Michael Lex is in two shows for season 9

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    Well this is more than interesting. Smallville really is going the extra 10 miles. I reckon it’s more than awesome. I mean there are people out there [like me] who wanna watch the show til it probably has the death of superman or the ‘eternal’ life of Superman.

    Whatever reason it may be boring ppl now I dunno coz I still find it incredible the way writers and directors managed bringing the show through 175 stories. And what’s better is that they write it up their way and not exactly how the audience expect otherwise it’ll become too predictable. People should just let the writers be and continue to take smallville to new levels.

    Whoever thinks that they can do a better job at making a tv series of thier own, please let me know, i’m eager to see how it could possibly be better than Smallville.

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    Smallville up date, Supergirl will teach Clark Kent how to fly ! Kara Will come back for season nine to show Clark how to fly in the air !

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    Smallville now can last 20 years with Tom Welling flying in season 9. Remember NO TIGHTS NO FLIGHTS? This is no longer true! Allison and Tom will go down in the history books as the longest running Superman show!!! She adds love to the show for Clark. And a movie in the works?

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    Remember no tights no flights? That no longer exits ! Season 9 has Welling flying everywhere! Allison Mack will go down in the history books for having the longest Superman T.V. series ! What’s next? Maybe a new Allison and Tom Welling Superman movie!!! Superman (tom Welling) can’t wear a mask so Jor’el must make everone think that Clark and Superman don’t look alike !!!

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    Zatanna have her alter peoples memories of clark to make them think he always wore glasses and is more twerpy and nerdy then he was and boom problem solved

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    Love Tommy honey and Alli gal. Damn smart asses. when will they direct their movie??

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    Tom is from Michigan (where I am from) and I think this 9th season absolutley rocked. The CW shoud realize what a gold mine they have here. Its an inspiring show, and I think Tom’s portrayal of the Man of Steele rivals anyting I have seen in the past- he’s the best. If he never does anything else for the rest of his life and I have heard he has opened his own production company, then he should be proud of his achievement. I have watched the show from the beginning and have enjoyed the characters and the growth of the stories, its a great series and I have not been disappointed. I think Tom should do a Superman movie, its a logical move to do after doing a final Season 10, to what I think has been a great career for him portraying this Iconic American superhero. Good Job Tom!!!!!!!!

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