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‘Stiletto’ Review: Why Bother

Sometimes Smallville puts out a blooper. That would be Stiletto. I have never seen such a forced story in all my life. On top of that it was just plain dumb. Sorry, to all the Lois lovers but it is a ridiculous idea. Who in the name of God came up with Kryptonite money? How DUMB is that? There was nothing remotely entertaining about the story at all, other than the fact that the guy who played Kristin’s boyfriend on Edgemont was the bad guy in this one. But other than that so not good.

Lois as the superheroine "Stiletto"

Lois as the superheroine "Stiletto"

I know I have been writing some in depth reviews but seriously, please don’t waste your time watching it. It was that bad. You have Lois acting like a super hero, acting is the proper word. Doomsday killing Chloe’s would be attacker and then she is helping him out by throwing out the dead bodies, Clark being made powerless by the Kryptonite money. Blah Blah Blah. And how bad is it that Clark is acting like he was in pain from the ‘bullet’ wound. Tell me why Jimmy is knocked out the whole time and then poof, he’s awake. Stiletto was a dumb name for a superhero.

Kryptonite induced money

Oh no! Kryptonite money kept Clark from saving the day.

Okay, then they make fun of the shippers. Like talking about Blur-etto. Clark talking about who comes up with this stuff. And what about it looking as though Jimmy is doing drugs. Why? Is Chloe driving him to it? Look, why did Chloe fuss at Lana for might hurting Clark when she is housing the killer who will bring down Superman. And if Clark is the Red Blue Blur why is he still wearing the red and blue out and about when he is not being a hero?

Chloe is asking for space and not to be saved. Clark gives it to her. Davis Bloom I fear will be the death of her. Lois is in love with the Red Blue Blur. Shocker. I have always said that Lois fell for Superman first. How dumb of Clark to use some voice changer? He tells her that she will be the one to find his name out there someday. Lois asks can you read my mind. If Clark wants to not think about his love life then why is he talking to Lois in such a so romantic way? It is like he really doesn’t know what he wants. Does Chloe want Clark to be with Lois? Why has Clark not mentioned Lana at all? Clark tells Lois that when he is ready to tell his story she will be the first to know.

If you want my honest opinion, they should have totally left out the whole Stiletto thing and could have focused on Clark talking to Lois about the Red Blue Blur thing. It is like once in a while they run out of ideas for a story and throw random crap together. And it sucks. You take a good show and ruin it. Why? And why stay away from Clark episodes? This is Smallville, the story of Clark before he is Superman. Shouldn’t you be centered on Clark? The best part of the whole thing was the end and Tom lifting up his shirt and showing his way sexy abs. You know, I will keep watching just to see what they will come up with next. Anything would be better than this.

NEXT WEEK: Chloe and Davis leave Smallville. STAY TUNED!!

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    Seriously, guys, what is the deal with giving a biased shipper to write your reviews? I’m sick and tired of reading the same crap every single time. Lana left the show and there’s no more Clana, or this or that, and now suddenly the writers don’t know what to come up with? Now they ruin the story because they go forward with the traditional Superman mythology? This episode had it’s flows btw. But Mrs. Hobbs you can live in your Clana utopia for as long as you want but my personal opinion is that maybe you should leave the reviewing for somebody else. Someone who is less concerned for why Clark didn’t mentioned Lana or for Tom’s abs. Someone who doesn’t express their opinions based mostly on their shipping. No offense.

    PS: And btw in the modern mythology Lois didn’t fell for Superman first, she was interested a lot in him but she wasn’t in love with him. Don’t talk about something you’re not familiar with, pls. And in Smallville she told Clark she loved him in Committed – so again, she didn’t fell for “Superman” first here, as well. Better check your facts before you start writing about something. And the krypto money thing was stupid, I agree. It just didn’t bother me since we’ve had krypto gum and anything that gives you “roll eyes” expression before.

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    lol…. i dont know.. im on of those Lois lovers.. xD … but i consider the episode is pretty funny, although it trutly has stupid parts!! but is amazing anyway.

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