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‘Beast’ Review: Doomed Love

If you have the killer of the greatest super hero of all time living and killing in the basement, what do you do? Do you turn him in, do you tell others so they can dispose of them, or do you stay with them? Chloe stays with Davis! See I thought maybe she had lost it and forgot Davis is here to kill Clark. No she knows full well. What in the name of all that is holy is going on?

I’ll explain it to you. It all started with Chloe getting a call from Davis about a bad dream. Only when she gets there Davis has placed rose petals and candles all around. He tells her how much she means to him and they kiss passionately and that is when Chloe sees the blood. You know Davis asks her how she expected it to turn out. It is not just any random blood but the blood of Clark Kent. You see half of Clark hanging in front of her with and ‘S’ carved in his chest and then Chloe wakes up.

Chloe dreamt of Davis killing Clark

Chloe dreamt of Davis killing Clark

Clark comes to the Talon and tells her Tess ran a story that Davis was a serial killer and that he thinks Davis is dead. Chloe lies, and lies and then lies some more. She tells Clark he is being paranoid that Davis is dead and he needs to move on. Only Clark doesn’t buy it. He goes to Ollie and tells him that the grave is empty and asks that Ollie take Chloe away because she is in danger because Davis is obsessed with her. Ollie tells Clark to kill him to which Clark says he doesn’t do things like that and that Davis was his problem and he would take care of it. Clark only wanted Ollie to help Chloe.

Chloe was talking to Emil Hamilton, MD about helping Davis. But he tells her after testing some of Davis’s DNA that he is mutating and when you try to kill it, it got stronger. He warns Chloe about being around Davis and she realizes that the only thing keeping Davis in check is her. Hamilton insists that Chloe tell someone and she warns him of what Davis will do if he crosses him. Clark comes to talk to Chloe and ask if she has seen Davis. Chloe lies again and Clark tells her that he needs to take him to the Fortress and he knows how to send Davis to the Phantom Zone and Chloe tells him that he could be sent to the Zone and she would always protect him. Chloe sends him on a wild goose chase in Alaska and she heads back to Smallville because she and Davis are leaving and never to return.

Let’s mention Jimmy. He is so addicted to the pain killers that he goes to ask Ollie for money and says his car is broken down. Ollie tries to help him, offering treatment but Jimmy just gets mad. Ollie goes to get Chloe only when he gets there he finds Jimmy stealing from Chloe and when questioned Davis comes in and knocks them both out.

Davis got Oliver and Jimmy

Davis tied up Oliver and Jimmy

Down in the basement, Jimmy and Ollie are tied up and Davis comes out. Jimmy starts smarting off how Chloe could never love him, and that Davis has taken everything from Jimmy and so he might as well kill him. Ollie gets him to stop, saying Chloe is on her way and Davis realizes that Jimmy is still important to Chloe. He tells the two of them that one of them must die so that he does not turn. He knocks Jimmy out and comes after Ollie. But he is interrupted by Clark and they are gone.

Chloe comes in and finds Jimmy going to the hospital and Ollie is mad. He wants to know how she can keep this killer safe and just exactly how did she think this would turn out. She tells him that she can handle Davis but he tells her that Clark is handling it now.

Chloe tells Clark not to give up on Davis

Chloe tells Clark not to give up on Davis

So we have the fight in the Fortress where Clark is about to turn on the Zone. Davis tells him that he has feelings for Chloe and that she does for him. Clark tells him there is no way that she could. Davis says that Chloe makes him human. But Clark knows he is not. Davis asks Clark not to do this that he is his Kryptonian brother and Clark says he is not. Davis says if he is going then Clark goes with him. Only Chloe stole the key and came and turned the thing off. She tells Clark that he cannot doom Davis to a life of solitude and Clark tells her that he has to for the safety of the world. Chloe tells Clark that she can’t let him do this because Clark would regret it forever. Then Davis and Chloe are gone leaving Clark alone.

Jimmy goes to see Ollie and after much debate and Jimmy putting himself down, Ollie give him a job because he sees promise in Jimmy that he may have been going down the wrong road but if Jimmy makes a good decision, he can correct that. Jimmy takes the job.

Ollie finds Clark at the Isis foundation looking for Chloe. Ollie tells Clark to give it up; she does not want to be found. He tells Clark that Chloe has feelings for Davis and Clark tells Ollie that she would not do that to her friends. Ollie said that people change and that maybe he needed to too. This would all have been over if he had only killed Davis. Chloe calls from the road and tells Clark not to come looking for her. She tells him that she was doing all that for him. Chloe is staying with Davis to protect Clark. Clark tells her not to and she tells him that she is doing it for the greater good and then she hangs up. You see Chloe and Davis leaving.

Chloe calls Clark

Chloe calls Clark and tells him not to come looking for her

First the pros: Ollie character has become more developed and you see him as a mentor of sorts. That is basically what Lex could have been if he had not chosen evil. He is like Lex opposite. Wealthy and caring and helpful, that sums up Ollie.

Also Jimmy standing up to Davis was kind of cool, stupid but cool. And I am glad he took the job with Ollie and also that he told Chloe to stay away from Davis rather than putting her under the bus, so to speak.

The scene where Clark zoomed Davis to the Fortress was way cool. It was like super duper fast and it was like they were the only ones moving. Smallville has good effects at times.

With that being said, OMG!! What are they doing? Chloe is harboring Clark’s future killer. She is lying through her teeth. Chloe knows Davis is here to kill Clark and I don’t buy that she is doing it for Clark. That is a crock!

Why did Jimmy have to be on drugs? Whose idea was that? I mean he looked like the very dead!

Okay here is my big problem: DOOMSDAY SHOULD NOT BE FIGHTING CLARK NOW!!!! Let’s look at the facts: no Perry White. No official Superman. Clark has not been properly trained. He does not even know how to fly. Doomsday is a Superman villain and sorry, what is he doing there? Clark at the point in his life should be in the suit, working at the Planet for Perry, and dating Lois Lane (Did I just say that?). But he is doing none of this! The way Clark is now Doomsday will kill him for sure.

What can they do next season? If you aren’t going to move forward, what can you do? Or had this all been just some sort of alternate universe? Is it possible that this Clark Kent may never actually wear the suit and that he may never fully be Superman, never learning to fly, never working with Perry, never doing anything in any of the prior mythology. I am just putting an idea out there because I can’t make any sense out of this.

It is not a good premise and I hope they have something better planned for the next two episodes because Chloe being a Judas is weird and LAME. Doomsday with a girlfriend? For God sakes, you could have had Clark flying instead, Perry White at the Planet or anything but this! Fix it! That is all I am asking for!

NEXT WEEK: Tess is looking for Davis and Clark has to follow to find Chloe. STAY TUNED!

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    The beginning and ending had an awesome song. I’m trying to find out the name of it and who it is by

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    All we know as of now is its title. “What You Feel”

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    The only part of the episode that i did not like was when Chloe stops clark from sending davis to the phantom zone. She knows that clark will not kill him so if you can’t kill him. Send him some where he will be alive and will never hert anyone.

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    The dark side. Perhaps is the bst option for all…

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    But at the bottom we are always love… only Perhaps.

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