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‘Beast’ Review: Doomed Love

‘Beast’ Review: Doomed Love

If you have the killer of the greatest super hero of all time living and killing in the basement, what do you do? Do you turn him in, do you tell others so they can dispose of them, or do […]

Preview Clip for ‘Beast’

Here’s a preview clip from the upcoming episode “Beast”. It features Oliver and Clark having a conversation/argument about Chloe and Davis/Doomsday. Check it out.

Smallville Season 8 DVD Artwork

TVShowsonDVD – A week and a half ago, the DVD became available for pre-order in Amazon. This time, we see the artwork for the DVD box. It features Tom Welling and Erica Durance. This is an early artwork so it […]

Top Picks: The Many Faces of Lois Lane

The recent episode “Stiletto” has got me thinking of all the “faces” Lois Lane played since her debut in Season 4. Here’s what I came up with. Anything I missed? Let me know! Click here for the article!

Smallville: The Complete Season 8 DVD

Pre-order Smallville Season 8 DVD now

You can pre-order Smallville: The Complete Eighth Season now and support Smallville PH.

The Many Faces of Lois Lane

The Many Faces of Lois Lane

All the “faces” Lois Lane played since her debut in Season 4

Smallville Radio – Season 1 to 8 now available

You can now isten to your favorite Smallville music. We just re-uploaded the playlists from Season 1 to 6. Enjoy! Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1

‘Stiletto’ screen caps now available

‘Stiletto’ screen caps now available

We just added 494 caps to our screen caps gallery from the episode ‘Stiletto‘. Click here for the gallery!

Watch the trailer for ‘Beast’

Here’s the trailer for the next episode of Smallville “Beast” NEXT THURSDAY Chloe: I would do anything for you. HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO Davis: You can save me… but you may be the only one TO SAVE A FRIEND […]

‘Stiletto’ Review: Why Bother

‘Stiletto’ Review: Why Bother

Sometimes Smallville puts out a blooper. That would be Stiletto. I have never seen such a forced story in all my life. On top of that it was just plain dumb. Sorry, to all the Lois lovers but it is […]

Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders tease some upcoming storylines for Chloe

E! Online –Smallville has taken a dark turn this season, especially with the introduction of Doomsday (Sam Witwer), who is the only DC villain able to kill Superman. That would seem like a rough break for Tom Welling, except that […]