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Ausiello Files: Two Characters will die in finale


Ausiello Files – The Grim Reaper is once again descending on Smallville, and this time he’s not foolin’ around.

Multiple sources confirm to me exclusively that two pivotal characters will bite the dust in this May’s season finale. And in a bit of a departure for Smallville, both deaths will stick. “These characters will die and they will stay dead,” maintains my insider. “This is the real deal.”

Of course, that’s not to say producers aren’t planning a twist or two, because they are. But I’m told those twists do not involve bringing either character back to life.

If you’re looking for another clue, you’re out of luck. I’m not even going to do one of those morbid charts where I assess each character’s chances for survival. I wouldn’t want to do anything beyond writing this spoilery story to ruin the surprises in store.

Eh, one more little tease won’t hurt anyone: One character qualifies as a Smallville vet… the other one, not so much.

Let the speculation (and prayer vigils) begin in the comments section!

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    Tess and Chloe?

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    Could it be any more obvious? Everyone else is in the Superman stories (Lois, Jimmy, Oliver, Doomsday). Even Lex. And Lana. Ausiello is always full of himself, thinking he has the biggest scoop of all times, whereas in fact the shows’ producers are just making fun of him. We’ve all known Chloe will die since season 1. And with all the changes happening lately and Smallville coming closer to an end, Chloe is not skipping death this time. And seaon finales always have something big, so Ausiello hasn’t really discovered electricity or something…

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    It can be Martha, she is still alive. So it could be a push for Clark to go further with his destiny thing.

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    will be season 9, or Smallville end with season 8?

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    The end of season 8, iztok26.

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    Ausellio said one of the deaths will be male so my guess is davis and Chloe

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    I know for sure one of the deaths is going to be davis I thought he made smallville better in a way he was the only reason i kept watching it cause he brought the whole love traingle back to smallville. why can’t they just place Black Kryptonite on him and split him up from Doomsday so he can be with chloe.

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    Hello!!! People Doomsday is going to kill Clark!!!! He will die…… but he will return… Doomsday killed Clark in the comics and in that animated cartoon.. So yeah… Clark is dying…

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    Chloe’s gonna die 🙁

    Remember the guys from The LEGION, they said they’ve never heard of Chloe, so it’s clear that she’s gonna die… that will be THE most sad episode ever…

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    Chloe forever!
    Davis and Impulse is dead!

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    i wish they would kill lana and tess … hate them bitches…

    and what about papa kent ?? isn’t he alive in the comics ?? mebbe that’s the twist …

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    It’s going to be Davis and chole.

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    So i think it will be Chloe 🙁 🙁 . As sad as this may be it will more than likely be her. And also i would say maybe Domesday will go bye bye….

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    chloe cant not die becasue allison has allready sighned on 4 a 9th ,10th,11th,12th,13th,14th,15, and 16th season just as tom wellin and justin hartley have go to they ing thats happing its all trhave evrythue becase tom wellin help out with the site.

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