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‘Bulletproof’ Review: Lost Love Found

I know that I have been trying to be so objective when I have been writing my reviews this season and most of last. I have tried to not let my choice of a particular ship cloud my words and speak louder than the episode. But sorry, it is not going to happen today. As I sat and cried like a baby with my hubby on the couch I realized that something I thought I had lost has been returned to me: Clana is back.

Let’s for just this once look past the main story which was about the police department. It was how they decided to take justice into their own hands. They were not happy with the vigilantes that roam Metropolis: Green Arrow and the Red/Blue blur. But they shot one of their own, John Jones. Clark goes undercover to find out who shot him. Of course they do, of course John is okay and of course, Clark saves the day.

Let’s for just this once look way past what happened to Tess and how Lex implanted nanotechnology in her retina and he has been seeing the world through her eyes. Another unwilling pawn in the Luthor legacy. Tess tells Lex his days of her doing his bidding are over and then she blocks the signal. Oliver shows up and now she wants a merger, what kind is up to him.

Now let’s discuss the thing we are not going to look over: Clark and Lana. Even though Clark does not know when Lana will leave his life, he doesn’t care. After asking Danny Turpin, the policeman he helped, if it was hard for him to go to work every day knowing he had family at home. That was when Clark decided that he could do it too. He could help the world and still be able to be with the one he loved. What did Clark do this time? Did he shy away from it? Did he play the she won’t be safe card? No! No! He told her exactly how he felt and that he knew that the two of them could be together and he could still save the world! I almost died. Now I don’t know how long this will last but as a Clana lover I will take what I can get. I will enjoy each and every episode I have of them in. I will savor the time I have left.

Thanks for listening to my Clana slant. This is for everyone out there who loves them and will miss them when it is gone. It will never truly be gone. Their relationship will live forever in our hearts. I would like to thank the two people who gave them life: Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk. Thank you both for all your hard work and devotion to these two characters. We love you both. Thanks for all you have done! You never made true love look so real!

NEXT WEEK: What is up with Lana? What is she in? Is she sick or what? STAY TUNED!!

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    He totally chose Lana over Lois!once lana came,LOIS WHO?

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