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‘Odyssey’ Review: A Pleasant Surprise

I have to admit that in the years that I have been writing reviews for SmallvillePH, this was the first time I was apprehensive about it. I have been unhappy since Lana will be in so few episodes this season. But . . . let me also be the first to admit that this is by far one of the best season premiers in Smallville’s 7 + year history. Finally, someone who knows what they are doing.

I felt that it was time to finally let this Clark become who he is destined to be. The Clark of the past 7 seasons has been held back. He has spent too much of his life trying to fit in. He is not human nor will he ever be. It was time for him to become that image of the man of the future. His voice was different, his mannerisms were different, he is acting more like, and I hate to say it, a man. He is ready to let the past be past and embrace the future.

Chloe’s ability has changed. She no longer heals. Her mind is faster than any super computer. She must have leeched some of Brainiac’s powers when he tried to kill her. Also, she accepted Jimmy’s proposal. That means a Smallville wedding. But did I hear mention of a bloody one? Will she actually even get married? Or will something more sinister happen to her?

And Clark working for the Planet across from Lois? How did you like that? I think it will work. It is almost cute. Let me say that though I am a stern supporter of Clana, I would rather we had no Clana than the bad Clana we had. So let Lois have her moment with Clark. She finally has him in the end anyway, even if I don’t like it. And speaking of Lana; when he died who did he see first? Lana!! I know it was explained that this was part of his past he must let go so that he could go and embrace the future. But it still made me happy.

Finally, they should have added Tess a long time ago. She is what sort of villain they needed. She is tough and would have been a way for Smallville to not let Lex find out who Clark is. But not to worry, I don’t think he will remember. And Tess has the crystal. I see a new fortress in Clark’s future.

I must give thumbs up to TPTB, for now. They are taking Clark in directions he always should have gone. I hope they continue to keep the focus off his love life and on his journey. If it remains as it has started then I see Smallville climbing in the ratings. I could care less about them as I will watch the show regardless. Especially now that Tom is in full effect and looking more like a major hottie than last year! I look forward to next week just to see what they will do next. Welcome back, Smallville Fans. I think the fun just started.

NEXT WEEK: Who is that girl and what is going on? Has Clark saved someone else that plans on causing him nothing but trouble? STAY TUNED!!


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