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The Best Clana Moments

  • 10_clana
    Clark and Lana shared a very passionate kiss in ‘Red’ while Clark was under the influence of that pesky red meteor rock for the first time. This was our first official Clark and Lana kiss. And oh what a kiss it was.
  • 9_clana
    One of those perfect moments occurred near the end of ‘Action’. Clark pulled a page out of Superman’s handbook and caught Lana after she was thrown off a building. It was very powerful as the loving couple stared in each other’s eyes lovingly even up to where he crashed in the car they landed on. It was the hero catching his true love and it was powerful.
  • 8_clana
    In ‘Craving’ we had one of the sweetest Clark and Lana moments. Clark thought long and hard about what to give Lana for her birthday and after talking with her about a precious memory she had of her parents, he rigs a make shift drive in on the side of his barn and they watch Bugs Bunny cartoons together. How perfect and what a romantic and sweet moment in Clark and Lana’s history.
  • 7_clana
    Clark and Lana share Clark’s first official birthday celebration and his birthday wish comes true with a kiss from Lana in the loft. This led up to the next day’s romantic picnic under the tree Clark and Lana moment. It was the beginning of their first attempt at love and it clearly one of Clana lovers favorite as we had an Under the Tree Campaign to save them.
  • 6_clana
    In ‘Mortal’ we had all sorts of amazing Clark and Lana moments. From the amazing make out scenes in the loft to their first actual time together. It was all so romantic. It was tender kisses and longing looks and passionate embraces. All that made up to one magical episode.
  • 5_clana
    The prom episode ‘Spirit’ was something many Clana lovers had been looking forward to. We always knew that Clark and Lana were destined to go together and when he asked her to dance there were tears in the eyes of many Clana lovers everywhere. It was perfection at its best.
  • 4_clana
    Season 8 brought new powers for Lana in the episode ‘Power’ and this led to a new relationship for Clark and Lana. And they shared and amazing kiss on the roof of the Daily Planet. It was magical and one of those moments that you will always remember.
  • 11_clana
    In ‘Pilot’, Clark and Lana began their journey. After Clark discovers he is not from this world, he runs away from the farm and ends up in the graveyard. Lana is there talking with her parents. She is concerned about Clark being so upset and she introduces him to her parents. He walks her home and they share a tender and sweet kiss on the cheek. And so their path is set and only love can be they way.
  • 3_clana
    ‘Reckoning’ brought about something we thought we would never see. Clark took Lana to the Fortress, told her his secret, made her an engagement ring, and then proposed. She accepted and all was right in the world. Until she gets killed by a bus and he has to change time and then lies to her again. Well, it was great while it lasted.
  • 2_clana
    The morning after in ‘Hidden’ was so cute. It was great how they got caught by Jonathan and Martha. But one of those amazing moments occurred after Clark died from a gunshot wound and then his resurrection. His reunion with Lana will always be the thing of legends.
  • 1_clana
    Their ending had to be as memorable as their beginning. ‘Requiem’ did not disappoint. Even though he knew that Lana had Kryptonite poisoning Clark had to kiss Lana, had to see if they could be together. It almost killed him but that scene was one of their most memorable and most beautiful. This is how I hope they will forever be remembered. Forever and endlessly in love.
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    Great compilation, Angie. You truly are the #1 Clana fan.

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    i lovin in good pics Im a clana fan too!!

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    I personally looked forward to the Clark/ Lois, since SHE is the true love of his life. HOWEVER, on Smallville, I agree Lana and Clark had the most passion. These actors had great chemistry, and his kisses looked far better with Lana than with Lois. Possibly it’s because they are both married for some time now and feel an obligation to their spouses not to actually kiss. But the kisses on on Red, and the one under the tree when they first start dating were the absolute hottest. He’s “kissed” Lois quite a few times on the show, and it has never equaled the passion of Clark & Lana. The kisses always looked fake, and when their lips part, it looks extra fake… not at all like how a real kiss ends. I think they could do a better job with the kiss scenes without it being real, and it would be okay to end with the kiss “smack” without it being a real kiss. Just close the lips for that, but for pete’s sake, Clark should be a better kisser now with Lois than when he was playing a 16 year old with Lana!

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    Man.. I gave up on Smallville after season 5 when she started to go out with Lex. I also was rooting for Clana solong, in the back of my mind, I knew that in the endand according to the comics, Clana could never be. So sad….. Clana’s romance and chemistry were the most realistic of any tv or film romance I can remember and I truly felt the characters pain and love. Thank you Clana for keeping meintrested in Smallville, and making me and a lot of your fans feel the joy and pains and sadness of your relationship. It truly was great and am a forever Clana fan. I can’t even begin to adjust to Clois!

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    i luv clana n m heart is now broken that they didnt end up together is so vry sad i m so depressed that clana had 2 end!!!!!! hope with all m heart that lana can cum bak so that clana can b complete n eternal!!!!!!!!

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    There’s no Lois. There’s no distance, or destiny that can be capable to overwrite this love. Bigger than anything. Clark and Lana, never ending love. That’s all

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    i like all of the photos and moments =)

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    hey, that song by Greyson Chance called unfriend you is so should be for lana and clark’s break ups or ups and downs.

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    i think Lana is perfect for Clark in real life,too bad Clark has a wife named Jamie

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    all those three comments you see,are actually from me.let’s call this one fourth comment 🙂

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    i changed my avatar because Clark is so cool and my sister told me too

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    i just changed it back because i am not a boy 🙁

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    cute pixs luv them

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    Clark is really cute too and Lana And him make a cute couple but we would make a better one lolz

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