‘Action’ Review: For The Fans

How cute is that TPTB play a little homage to us totally devoted fans? I kind of like my principles put out there on the TV letting the world see how hopelessly obsessed that I am. Okay. I can’t say that I would go so far as stalking and then killing someone but I would want to meet a certain dark haired alien. I would also say it is funny how the movie was imitating life on the farm as our local hero gets involved in the action. But disturbing how Lana still has some of the Luthor traits flowing through her veins.

Hollywood came to Smallville to film a Warrior Angel movie and they were doing so on the farm. How convenient that the heroine is involved in a suspicious crash while filming and Clark has to save her. He decides it would be better if she stayed on the farm with him and Lana. Lana catches Rachel ‘practicing’ lines with Clark, and getting a might bit cozy. Lana informs Rachel that she hopes Clark will be able to practice with her later. (There was some subtle and not so subtle innuendo regarding Clark and Lana, like their extra activities. She says something to Clark about how she knew of other activities they could do to produce a sweat and he just grins at her. Are they or aren’t they?)

Seems there is this fan who feels that the movie should kill off Warrior Angel’s girlfriend like the comic does and when they don’t, the psycho fan named Ben decides to do it himself. Too bad Clark is there to foil his plan. Not only does he rescue Rachel from the car but also when Ben places a real bullet in the gun to be used to shoot her in the scene where Angel saves her from the evil Devilicus and Clark catches it. Now Ben, who saw this, has a new plan: since Clark will not be the hero he needs to be while he is involved with Lana, it is time to kill her. Clark, with Chloe’s help, figures this out and finds Rachel knocked out at Oliver Queen’s apartment and Ben throwing Lana over the side of the building. But not before he tells her that maybe she should be sacrificed because she was standing in the way of Clark’s destiny. (I will get back to her rescue in a minute.) Ben is sent to Belle Reve where the other ultimate Warrior Angel fan, Lex, pays him a visit. He wants to know about the man Ben saw catching the bullet and leaping off buildings. Ben tells Lex it was all in his head. Rachel gives Clark a present: a red cape. I loved how he placed it over the edge of the fence and you could faintly hear them trying to play the ‘Superman’ theme. How cool was that!

Something dark was going on here. Lionel was being held captive by a pot head woman named Marilyn. She had a bear trap attached to his wrist and she was not working alone. Lois, while still trying to find dirt on Lex, sees that supposedly he had bought a large plot of land next to the dam. When she confronts him about it, after she is caught breaking into his office, Lex knows nothing about it but it gets him thinking. Lionel escapes after ripping his arm out of the trap and is stopped by an unseen assailant. That would be Lana. Lex comes and tries to rescue his father and after Marilyn corners Lex, Lionel gets up and basically beats her to death. Lionel pays Lana a visit at the farm and she lies about her involvement. He tells her that he hopes that she is not trying to say she did this all for Clark because she was slipping toward a dark side from which she might never return. Lionel told her that she needed to let it go before it is too late. Okay! What in the name of Red Kryptonite is going on here? What is Lana doing? Is it because Lana has been so scarred by what Lex did to her that she will do anything to bring him down? Even torturing and bribing people, we shall see where this goes.

Now to Lana’s rescue. Folks, I cried. It was beautiful. She was falling and you could see her looking up and down came Clark and grabbed her and looked at her the whole way down. It was just the sweetest thing. The look of love that they both had as they leaned in to each other: PRICELESS. Then back on the farm, she said the line!! She says the line that I always have her say to him when he goes off to be Superman, “The world needs you more than I.” I yelled out loud! I knew she was going to say it one day. She tells him that she did not want to be the one to hold him back. Clark told her that everything that he ever wanted was right there on the farm with her. And that was enough for Lana and that was enough for me! You could see that he meant it. I am in heaven. Yeah, the law of averages says that they won’t last but let me have my moment while I can. The only thing actually annoying about the whole thing is it seems to me that TPTB are trying to make everybody happy. What I mean is that yes, they are together but they are not as lovey dovey as some of the rest of us would like. Should there not be smooching, hugging, holding hands, blah, blah blah. You know what I mean. I just thought there would have been a little more passion.

Okay, let me give you a theory. The new editor, anyone think he might be someone in disguise. Grant has never been mentioned in the mythology but as we know that means nothing in Smallville. I found it odd how he wanted Lois to leave the Luthor’s alone. Is it because he owes the Luthor’s something or, or could it be he is maybe, Brainiac! That is just a way out there thought I know but I have been right on occasion. We shall see about this one as well.

I found the episode very entertaining on the grounds that this one was for us odd fans. The ones who are so devoted they get married in their Superman shirts and have Superman tattoos. Yeah, that’s me. I am the ultimate Smallville fan and I am proud of it. I wouldn’t be if it weren’t for these wonderfully talented actors and actresses. The stories are improving and the character, especially Lana, is gaining depth. There are breaking loose from their bonds of adolescents and embracing their futures. And I for one am excited and can’t wait til next episode.

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