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Season 6 Highlights

  • Smallville - Lana finds out Clark's secret
    10. The Secret Is Out

    Lana finally found out about Clark. Well at least partially. Some of us were screaming “Finally!” at the television as the secret that had hampered any form of a trusting relationship was finally out in the open. But as is to be expected from Smallville, Lana doesn’t tell Clark she knows. But we see the love between the two strengthened as Lana risks life and limb to keep Clark safe from Lex and Lionel.
  • Smallville Zod
    9. Zod

    Our first major villain. In two episodes, he managed to throw the world into chaos. He also gave Clark a brief run for his money after trapping him in the Phantom Zone. Not to mention he gave Clark a short beating when Clark managed to escape the Phantom Zone. Overall villainy abounded with his appearance. We got to see some James Bondesque plots, such as taking over the world, choosing Lana as his concubine, and the stabbing of said concubine when she tried to fight back. Quite a way to start off the season.
  • Smallville Phantom Zone
    8. The ill reputed Phantom Zone

    While previous seasons focused on the Freak of the Week formula, this season attempted to throw some extraterrestrial variety at us by bringing us “Zoners” of the Week. Some fizzled as soon as they landed. Others actually gave Clark some trouble; for a short while any way. We also caught a glimpse of the Phantom Zone as imagined by the shows creators. Let’s not forget the scariest part about the Phantom Zone: The Phantoms. Watching them fly around, clawing at faces and making people scream, all while being generally creepy about it certainly gave some of us the chills.
  • Smallville Martian Manhunter
    7. Martian Manhunter

    As far as superheroes go, Season 6 had the most mysterious thus far. J’onn J’onzz made his appearance on the show, and he did two memorable things: He saved Clark’s life on numerous occasions, and he left Oreo cookies everywhere. Which in turn teaches us a couple things: Clark has a new guardian he can depend on, and J’onn has some bad table manners. Now the question is will we see more of this cookie monster next season? Maybe with a glimpse of more than his red eyes? We can hope.
  • Smallville Young Justice League
    6. Young Justice League

    This season boasted of new things to come involving some old faces. It certainly delivered with the return of every major hero that Clark had met thus far on Smallville. Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg all came back. Together with Green Arrow, and the “Boy Scout”, they decided to bring down Lex Luthor and his army of super soldiers. Their stay was short, but they certainly left a lasting impression as the camaraderie between the young superheroes gave us hope for more super powered episodes where the good guys just walloped the bad guys. In the end, we just enjoy watching people getting beat up.
  • Smallville Jimmy Olsen
    5. Jimmy Olsen

    We heard about him in a previous season when Chloe mentioned the young man she had met during her internship. While it certainly seemed like a lovely allusion at the time, we never expected Jimmy to make an appearance, but we sure are glad that he did. Bringing his own brand of corny humor, Jimmy did something that so many of us were wanting since the beginning of the show; a decent relationship for Chloe. Jimmy Olsen managed to steal Chloe’s heart, and even rubbed it in Clark’s face. Some of us enjoyed it because it seemed the farm boy was occasionally jealous. Could he have possibly realized that he lost a good thing? We’d like to think so.
  • Smallville Green Arrow
    4. The Green Arrow

    Talk about lasting impressions. In Season 6, Oliver Queen moved into Metropolis and from that point on, did more in his short stay than even Clark has in the last couple years. He managed to fight with Lex Luthor on an almost daily basis. He became good friends with the super powered farm boy. Last but not least, he managed to steal the heart of a young Lois Lane, and break it like only a Smallville character could do. Lest we forget, he did all this while running around in green leather and shooting arrows at bad guys. He also managed to stick it to Clark about using his abilities, rather than hiding.
  • Smallville - Bizarro Clark
    3. Bizarro Clark

    A number of fans were shocked at the rumors of Bizarro Clark surfacing in Smallville. The shock continued when it turned out that Bizarro really was going to show up on Smallville. Comic fans salivated, show fans contemplated, and some fans were just exasperated at the inclusion of Superman’s twisted twin. Regardless our feelings for this strange villain, his fate is unknown as we last saw him knock the stuffing out of Clark Kent before flying off in all his crystallized glory. Cross your fingers and hope he survives longer than Zod did.
  • Smallville - Chloe is a Freak!
    2. Chloe Joins Freak of the Week

    What a freak. Chloe Sullivan joins the famous, or rather infamous group known as FoTW. Shocked? That’s an understatement to how some of the fans reacted. Some were concerned that the FoTW label would lead to her untimely death. As we all know, the freak mortality rate in Smallville is unbelievably high. To drive us even crazier, there was no mention of what her freaky powers were for the entire season. The season finale gave us a glimpse though as Chloe’s tears brought Lois back from the clutches of death. Sadly, it appeared to take everything out of Chloe in the process, and now fans hold on to the hope that we haven’t seen the last of our intrepid reporter.
  • Smallville Lexana
    1. Lexana

    And the number one spot for most memorable events to happen on Smallville for Season 6 goes to “Lexana”. Season 6 explored the relationship that had originally blossomed in Season 5. Some fans welcomed the change from the angst driven relationship between Clark and Lana. Others were reviled at seeing the sweet and innocent Lana being sucked into the devilry of Lex’s machinations. Regardless of our feelings, the Lex-Lana dynamic proved to be one of the most twisted relationships –and thereby so entertaining– of the season. The craziness started from their first intimate moment together. It of course led to the shocking news of Lana being pregnant; surprise! Then there was the engagement followed by the extravagant wedding, which lasted all but a week it seems. Finally, the lie of all lies revealed: There was no baby. The twists and turns left some of us with a headache, and at the moment, it seems to have left Lex in trouble with the law for what seems to be the death of Lana.


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