6.03 Wither

Airdate: October 12, 2006
Written by Tracy Bellomo; Directed by Whitney Ransick

Episode Info

A strange vine has cropped up over the ridge at Lone Pine. It’s attacking people. – Clark

THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS PERFORM AT LEX’S COSTUME BALL – Still guilt-ridden about the destruction he caused while he was Zod, Lex throws a charity costume ball for the town and hires the All-American Rejects to perform. Meanwhile, Clark and Chloe pursue a creature who uses male human bodies as potting mix to procreate, and the hunt intensifies after the creature gets hold of Jimmy Olsen. Lois reluctantly agrees to be Oliver Queen’s date to Lex’s ball.

Guest Stars

Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow)
Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen)
The All-American Rejects (Themselves)
Amber McDonald (Gloria)
Chelsea Florko (Jenny)
Jake LeDoux (Paul Bennett)
Carrie Fleming (Becky)
Danielle Kremeniuk (EMT #1)
Randal Edwards (EMT #2)
Aaron Grain (Tarzan)
Anna Williams (Monica)
Monica Mustelier (Nurse)
Cameron Park (Photographer)

Featured Music

It Ends Tonight by The All-American Rejects
Ache by James Carrington
Dark by Telepictures
Club Young by Telepictures
I Won’t Wait by Fred Spigelman

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