5.09 Lexmas

Airdate: December 8, 2005
Written by Holly Harold; Directed by Rick Rosenthal

Episode Info

And you know what the secret to living happily ever after is? Power! Money… and power! See once you have those two things, you can secure everything else. And keep it that way. – Lex

LEX IS VISITED BY THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE – Lex is given an envelope with damaging information that will destroy Jonathan’s life and must decide whether he will use it as it will also bring harm to Clark and Martha. Before he can decide what to do, Lex is shot and falls into a coma. He dreams that his mother visits him and shows him the life he could lead if he walks away from his father and LuthorCorp. In this alternate life, Lex is happily married to Lana with a baby on the way. Meanwhile, Chloe asks Clark to use his powers to deliver Christmas presents to needy kids.

Guest Stars

Alisen Down (Lillian Luthor)
Adrian Holmes (Griff)
Adam Harrington (Dr. Litvack)
Jerry Wasserman (Dr. Yaeger Scanlan)
Nico Ghisi (Alexander)
Kenneth Welsh (Santa Claus)
Cassandra Sawtell (Little Girl)
Elfina Luk (Female Gangbanger)
Jorgito Vargas Jr. (Male Gangbanger)
Chelah Horsdal (Dr. McCann)
Brad Lorne (Unknown)

Featured Music

That Spirit Of Christmas by Ray Charles
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky

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