5.03 Hidden

Airdate: October 13, 2005
Written by Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson; Directed by Whitney Ransick

Episode Info

The life force that has been returned to you will soon be taken from someone you love. You are about to face your darkest hour, my son. But remember, the lessons that we learn from pain are the ones that make us the strongest. – Jor-El

CLARK IS SHOT! – Chloe is warned by Gabriel that he is going to set off a missile and obliterate all of Smallville. Still stripped of his super powers, Clark confronts Gabriel and ends up getting shot. In the hospital, Clark flatlines and his fate is left in Jor-El’s hands. Meanwhile, Lex believes Lionel has the key to open the spaceship.

Guest Stars

Camille Mitchell (Sheriff Nancy Adams)
Johnny Lewis (Gabriel Duncan)
Rekha Sharma (Dr. Harden)
Kurt Evans (EMT)
Stacee Copeland (Nurse)
Nathaniel Deveaux (Commander)
Brad Turner (Soldier)
Steve Lawlor (Lieutenant Taylor)
Chad Hershler (Head LuthorCorp Scientist)

Featured Music

Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick
Collide by Dishwalla
Disappearing World by David Gray
Supernatural by Wild Whirled

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