3.16 Crisis

Airdate: March 3, 2004
Written by Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson; Directed by Kenneth Biller

Episode Info

Lex, even if I were the demonic father you’ve made me out to be, you know I would never do anything so sloppy. – Lionel

ADAM ATTACKS LANA – Clark receives a panicked call from Lana and hears a gunshot before the line goes dead, but when he arrives at the Talon he is stunned to discover she is alive and well. Clark realizes the phone call came from the next day and that Adam is the one who will shoot Lana. Upon taking Clark to the Luthorcorp lab where Adam was being kept, Lex finds all of the staff murdered and suspects his father is behind it.

Guest Stars

Ian Somerhalder (Adam Knight)
Fran├žoise Yip (Dr. Lia Teng)
Camille Mitchell (Sheriff Nancy Adams)
Gary Hudson (FBI Agent Frank Loder)
Terry Chen (Detective Paul Cage)
Aaron Pearl (Glenn Burton)
Johannah Newmarch (Gwen Burton)
Cedric De Souza (Dr. Burgeon)

Featured Music

Maybe by Jim Gorman
Coming Around by Melodine
Les Pecheurs De Perles (Je Crois Entendre Encore) by Georges Bizet

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