1.15 Nicodemus

Airdate: March 19, 2002
Written by Michael Green & Greg Walker; Directed by James Marshall

Episode Info

Wow. Drinking beer, mouthing off and counter-macking with your mom? Congratulations, Clark, your dad’s regressed back to being a teenager. – Pete

Jonathan is unknowingly poisoned by the pollen of a stolen plant that was created with the DNA of an extinct flower, and he begins to act erratically as he becomes increasingly ill. Meanwhile, the scientist who created the plant tries to recover the purloined posy.

Guest Stars

Hiro Kanagawa (Principal James Kwan)
Joe Morton (Dr. Steven Hamilton)
Julian Christopher (Dr. MacIntyre)
Bill Mondy (James Beels)
Nicki Clyne (Waitress)

Featured Music

Supernatural by By Divine Right
Saturday Night’s Alright by Hal Lovejoy
Love Sweet Love by Josh Clayton-Felt
I Will Make U Cry by Nelly Furtado
Big Day by Puracane
Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K
Beautiful Day by U2
Good Ol’ Boys by Waylon Jennings
I Have Seen by Zero 7
Destiny by Zero 7

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